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PDFelement Pro vs Adobe Acrobat Comparison 2021

by Arthur Zuckerman

PDF software tools are essential for every business since they allow you to convert documents into a readable format. Also, these business solutions provide easier document handling. Hence, it is crucial to pick the right PDF editor for your business’ needs.

However, aside from editing functionality, excellent PDF software must include features such as file conversions, security layers, file size optimization, advanced batch processing, form control tools, and optical character recognition. These tools provide a seamless experience for every user. They also serve as deciding factors whether a program is a cost-effective solution or not. If they are combined with the best file management software, you can have an efficient and smoothly-running business.

PDFelement Pro and Adobe Acrobat are two of the most popular PDF editors today. This PDFelement Pro vs Adobe Acrobat comparison examines each application’s performance based on essential features necessary for a file editor.

PDFelement Pro and Adobe Acrobat Overview

PDFelement Pro is an all-around program that enables users to edit, sign, protect, and convert PDFs. Despite being a newcomer to the market, this software offers comprehensive tools that are easy to use.

Alternatively, Adobe Acrobat is a legend in the PDF editor category. The application allows you to view files on both offline and online modes. More importantly, it features seamless management of PDF files.

PDFelement Pro vs Adobe Acrobat Comparison of Features

The edit tools, form editing functionalities, file security options, document management, cross-platform availability, and pricing are the essential aspects of every PDF editor. In this section, we’ll do a PDFelement Pro vs Adobe Acrobat Comparison so you will learn how each PDF platform performs on a feature-to-feature basis.

Edit Functionality

A PDF software’s primary responsibility is to provide its users with editing tools. This functionality includes changing texts and images contained in the file without ruining the document’s overall format. With the edit feature, you can fix typographical errors and add pictures to your PDF files. You can also add boxes, lines, and bullet points with a PDF editor.

Adobe Acrobat has a minimalist and clean interface for creating and editing documents.

In terms of user-friendliness, Adobe users are accustomed to the program’s complex dashboard. Although Acrobat offers comprehensive tools, the way it presents them is not ideal for first-time users. Even though Adobe’s Document Cloud (DC) version provides a more straightforward workspace than Acrobat XI, it still requires tutorials to find what you need in the Tools section.

On the contrary, PDFelement Pro offers a minimalistic dashboard to its users. It groups the tools you need under the primary tabs at the top. This way, you can quickly skim on each tab to find the tool that you are looking for. For instance, PDFelement’s Protect tab includes options for password encryption, electronic signatures, redaction, and other related functionalities.

Hence, even though Adobe Acrobat DC improved its user interface, PDFelement Pro is still the top choice for easy to use file editors.

Creation and Conversion of PDF Files

File creation and conversion are two of the essential features in a PDF software solution. It enables you to generate new documents for your business. Also, PDF conversions allow for uncomplicated file management since they permit you to use other programs like Word or PowerPoint processors. This process helps you locate documents quickly for reviews and collaborations. You can check the top document management software on our list to guide you on which program works best with your PDF editor.

Acrobat DC offers one of the best conversion engines, but it still renders inaccurate formats. For instance, converting documents using Adobe results in extra page breaks, line breaks, and spaces. Moreover, it misaligns content when you execute PDF to Word or PDF to PowerPoint conversions. These issues are not desirable for essential company documents.

PDFElement Pro shows the creation and editing functionalities in a single dashboard for easier viewing.

On the other hand, PDFelement Pro offers accurate file rendering. Surprisingly, even complex elements, such as images and bullet points, are converted similar to the original formatting. What’s more, this application renders faster than Adobe Acrobat DC.

Form Editing Tools

In a business setting, there are always forms to fill out for all kinds of transactions. This functionality is beneficial when adding contact information, such as name, address, phone number, or identification numbers. You can even add comments through the use of form editing tools.

In terms of form editing capabilities, both applications offer comprehensive tools that help you create, convert, and fill forms. Both the PDFelement Pro and Acrobat DC enable you to generate PDF documents from scratch. Moreover, they let you convert Word and Excel files into interactive forms with clean formatting. PDFelement Pro and Adobe automatically detect fillable fields and extract form data.

Thus, both PDFelement Pro and Adobe Acrobat have no considerable advantage in their form editing functionality.

File Security Options

Regardless if you are dealing with personal or company files, it is crucial to protect your documents from uninvolved individuals. As a result, you can safeguard essential data from malware and hackers. PDF security includes encryption, digital rights management (DRM) controls, password protection, and copy protection. These functionalities ensure that your documents are compliant with internal and external regulations. Aside from using a PDF editor with built-in security features, it is also essential to use the best document controller software to improve your business’ efficiency.

PDF encryption prohibits unauthorized individuals from accessing your files. An encrypted data is unreadable until a user inputs the correct password. Alternatively, DRM functionality offers more reliable protection against security breaches. With DRM encryption, you can prevent PDF copy and forwarding.

Similar to file editing functionalities, PDF security is another aspect where both PDFelement Pro and Adobe Acrobat DC offer the same features, and at a similar level. Both programs have strong encryption capabilities that enable users to view, edit, and copy securely. Also, the two applications provide extensive search-and-redact options. More importantly, PDFelement Pro and Adobe are compliant with e-signature requirements. Thus, both PDF editors adapt to the changing security demands in the digital world.

Cross-Platform Availability

Both programs are available on different devices; however, not all functionalities are offered in every device for Adobe Acrobat DC.

For instance, Adobe Acrobat’s iOS version is entitled “Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF,” which means that the app is mainly for reading and not editing. But, Adobe allows you to unlock the editing tools under a Pro DC subscription. Also, its Android version is called “Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator.” In the same manner, Adobe doesn’t let you edit a document unless you purchase the Pro version.

On the contrary, PDFelement Pro provides clear titles for their apps. For example, in the App Store, the iOS program is entitled “PDFelement – PDF Editor.” Unlike Acrobat DC, PDFelement Pro does not require an additional fee from its users. Additionally, the Android version is called “PDFelement – Free PDF Reader and Annotator,” which means that the app is for viewing and commenting. You can access the app’s editing functionality with a free account registration on Wondershare, the program’s maker.

Thus, Adobe has faulty labeling of their applications, while PDFelement Pro clearly states their app’s capabilities. This feature is beneficial for all users since downloading and installing an app takes time, so they must be aware of a program’s correct features to avoid reinstallations.


Adobe Acrobat DC has a discounted monthly subscription due to an annual commitment. But, it still stands as one of the most expensive PDF editors in the market, perhaps because it is a pioneer in the PDF editing industry. Adobe even offers a perpetual license for $400. However, the costly subscription is not ideal for freelancers, startups, and small businesses. This pricing concern is the reason why a company like Wondershare, developed PDFelement Pro.

PDFelement Pro, on the other hand, has a monthly subscription fee of $6.99. Moreover, it offers a perpetual license for $99. This payment plan is considerably less than what Adobe asks its customers for lifetime access to its PDF tools. What’s more, PDFelement Pro gives a discounted price for its premium applications.

Hence, PDFelement Pro proves to be an ideal document solution for startups and freelancers, whereas medium to large-sized companies can use Adobe Acrobat for their PDF needs.

Which PDF Editor Offers Better Functionalities?

Although Adobe Acrobat is a pioneer PDF editor software, there are still lapses in its tools. The program offers extensive tools, but it features a complicated dashboard that is challenging for new users. A complex workspace requires an extended time for tutorials and guides. Still, individuals and companies accept Adobe since it is an established brand.

However, today’s global industry seeks for a cost-effective PDF editor that contains comprehensive features. This is where PDFelement Pro comes in. PDFelement Pro takes advantage of Adobe Acrobat’s shortcomings. It even produces constant updates for an intuitive interface, which contributes to the software’s steady popularity.

In terms of user-friendliness, creation, and conversion of PDF files, cross-platform availability, and pricing, PDFelement Pro is the more competent option. Besides, when it comes to form editing tools and file security, both platforms provide similar performance. Thus, throughout the PDFelement Pro vs Adobe Acrobat comparison, the former has secured its position as the better PDF editor.

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