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Software Advice Alternatives: 5 Competitors Of Softwareadvice That You Should Check Out

by Arthur Zuckerman

The advent of universal online access has transformed the way in which companies approach their potential customers. Popular online b2b software review directories like are able to offer useful data to prospective customers who are looking for detailed information about various SaaS solutions. These directories are also used by many product vendors to engage leads and increase their sales. Many B2B marketplaces offer comprehensive details about each product including feedback ratings and user reviews to help buyers make informed decisions. If you rank well on such a site, you get a high chance that a person reading your review will convert to a lead.

SaaS reviews directories are beneficial to both buyers and vendors. In this article we’ll take a look at the benefits vendors can accrue by listing their product in a SaaS directory. When buyers want information about a SaaS service or product, they usually consult a SaaS directory first. According to a 2010 study prepared by Burke for Local Search Association, eight out of 10 buyers are most likely to consult a directory first. Of these researchers, about 80% will either purchase a product or at least intend to buy it.

SaaS vendors can make use of online niche listings to gain targeted leads. Visitors to SaaS listing directories wish to get information about how a product can help boost their company’s productivity and sales. They expect to learn more about the features and benefits of CRMs, project management apps and other services like that. Therefore, it makes sense for SaaS vendors to list their product in online directories to make it more visible to buyers.


Software Advice may be a very popular platform but it has its drawbacks. In this article we will have a look at five reliable alternatives that you can consider to promote your B2B product. Software Advice is a directory that offers detailed reviews, research, and comparisons to help companies select the right software. The company’s panel of software analysts offers free telephone consultations to help buyers select the most suitable systems for their needs. This process links software buyers and sellers, and generates promising opportunities for software vendors. Software Advice also sells leads to vendors who can follow up on these leads to close deals. If you want to expand your marketing range though, you should consider being present on other popular B2B review directories as well. Here are 5 best alternative B2B review platforms on which you should definitely be present:

1. is one of the fastest-growing and most popular software review platforms. It helps SaaS buyers find the best solution for their company and at the same time it offers SaaS vendors a reliable way to reach out to new potential customers. The platform offers flexible tools to compare various features, prices and other important elements of products. A smart filter narrows down search results to meet specific needs a user may have, such as types of payment, geography, or business size.

An example of a review page on website

An example of a review page on website

FinancesOnline also uses a special Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that provides feedback to vendors on what users think about their product. The algorithm considers user reviews, opinions, and comments across social networks and gives a satisfaction rating that reflects an overal satisfaction level with the product.

Wrike presented as a suggested alternative on a comparison page. Similar highlights may have a significant impact on the number of your leads.

Wrike presented as a suggested alternative on a comparison page. Similar highlights may have a significant impact on the number of your leads.

The platform also makes use of a unique SmartScore system, which evaluates the features and functionalities of a product as well as other important aspects such as customer support, mobility, customizability, collaboration features, and integration with other apps. Buyers can compare the SmartScore of different products and shortlist the ones with the highest scores. 

Sample awards and quality certificates offered by FinancesOnline

Sample awards and quality certificates offered by FinancesOnline

If you are a vendor you can benefit from FinancesOnline’s marketing plans that are meant to improve your brand awareness and provide efficient lead generation opportunities. You may want to consider premium positioning of your product to distinguish it from your competitors and guarantee that potential clients will easily see your software is the best option. FinancesOnline panel of experts also gives various industry awards that can further improve your competitiveness and gather more leads for your service. It is also possible to have your product suggested as a reliable alternative even when users browse through your competitors’ offers. If you want to have your product considered for an award or improve its visibility on the site you can easily request a review here.

2. Ombud

ombud is a community-based website. Potential buyers who visit the site can contact SaaS vendors, analysts, and technology users to learn more about a specific product that caught their interest. They can also do customized searches and compare top products side-by-side to see how they stack up against each other.

Ombud also works as an online intermediary between customers and vendors, offering detailed information on the benefits and unique features of an application, and how it fares against its top competitors. The platform sells its services to buyers, and helps them get greater returns on the investment they make by subscribing to a product. They have also made a good reputation by closely working with SaaS vendors.

3. G2 Crowd


G2 Crowd features user reviews of most top business software applications. Buyers, investors, and analysts can use this website to compare and buy suitable software based on synthesized social data and user reviews. G2 Crowd is a place where users share their feedback and reviews in real-time. It is one of the most popular websites for business software reviews and currently hosts more than 25,000 authentic user reviews.

G2 Crowd has a motivated reviewer base of more than 30,000 software users who share their reviews in real time. These reviews represent a collective knowledge that helps customers make informed buying decisions. You can compare these to the peer reviews posted on websites such as Amazon and Yelp.

G2 Crowd also makes use of a unique Grid Scoring algorithm to help customers find a suitable match for their needs. Plus, you can post your own reviews on the website to earn rewards as well as online recognition as an expert.

4. IT Central Station


IT Central Station is a crowdsourced review website that features independent user reviews of software applications for the enterprise tech community. One of the key elements is the fact that the website verifies the reviewer’s identity. The vetting process includes accepting the review through an interview, and posting it online after receiving the reviewer’s permission.

IT Central Station is a dynamic platform that offers relevant information and data on SaaS products for enterprise technology buyers. The website offers expert advice, recommendations, and reviews for SaaS buyers. It is well-known for presenting relevant, current, and objective information.

5. Capterra

capterra is a leading online directory that helps SaaS buyers get information about ideal solutions for business and also gives them a platform to engage directly with vendors. It is a good site for SaaS vendors to list their business as it has products in more than 300 software categories. Capterra offers user reviews, blog posts, and buyer’s guides to help customers make educated decisions. The website also has an in-house panel of experts who guide buyers and give them shortlists of quality tools from which they can make an apt choice for their needs.

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