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Auth0 vs Okta Identity Cloud Comparison 2021

by Arthur Zuckerman

Daily tasks get more complicated by the day. Numerous apps require passwords from numerous users with logs and active sessions day in and day out. As numerous access pathways are open, security can easily be breached and compromised at any given loose endpoint. Hence, authenticating gets harder and complicated by the minute. It’s a good thing that identity management software are available.

Two of today’s leading identity management software are Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud. This Auth0 vs Okta Identity Cloud comparison article will offer an in-depth evaluation and analysis of the difference between the two security platforms. If you’re still looking for the best identity management software for your team, you should read on. If you want to further research on the particulars of identity management when it comes to cloud-powered remote work, read this.

What do users say about Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud?

Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud are two of today’s leading platforms when it comes to access management and SSO tools. Auth0 users laud how the platform streamlined and speed up the set-up of identity management. On the other hand, Okta Identity Cloud users love how all its tools are fully mobile and accessible in different devices with optimum ease.

About Auth0

Auth0 has been providing authentication and security tools since 2013. It’s a favorite tool amongst developers as it can easily create an authentication framework in an instant. Apart from identity management, it also offers tools for database migration, account linking, email customization, role management, and custom domain. Companies that use Auth0 are FI.SPAN, OYOROOMS, Shelf, Smallpdf, and TripLegend. On average, it tends to 1.5 billion logins every month.

Pro – Ease of use and set-up.

Con – Limited configuration tools for Apple metadata.

About Okta Identity Cloud

Okta Identity Cloud is a staple tool when it comes to identity management. It’s been offering service since 2009 and its the software to beat when it comes to enterprise-grade authentication tools. Apart from identity management, it is also known for its tools for cloud directory services and zero trust networking. Its clients include LinkedIn, Typeform, Groupon, HubSpot, and Travelex. To date, Okta now has 100 million registered users. The platform is also available in French.

Pro – Fast and easy mobile access.

Con  Complicated password reset protocols.

Points of Comparison

This Auth0 vs Okta Identity Cloud comparison article will make it easy for you to decide on which of the two identity management software is best for you. You need not be overwhelmed as you truly only need to consider the following factors in your decision: pricing, user capacity, unique features, authentication, user onboarding, and integrations.


Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud pricing are so different. Auth0 pricing is feature-dependent while Okta Identity Cloud is user-dependent.

For Auth0, users can from three paid plans: Developer Plan, Developer Pro Plan, and Enterprise Plan. Its Developer Plan is its lowest-priced plan that goes for $13/month. With more advanced tools offered, its Developer Pro Plan goes for $745/month. Auth0’s Enterprise Plan is quote-based. For small start-ups and users with limited financial capacity, Auth0 has a forever free version that comes with unlimited logins and can handle 7,000 active users.

Okta Cloud Identity Pricing is more complicated. Each offered service is sold separately depending on the number of users. It offers the following features separately: SSO, MFA, Universal Directory, Lifecycle Management, and API Access Management. Its lowest-priced tool is its universal directory that goes for $1/per user/per month. It offers free API products to developers. For app developers, it has an API Products One App plan that goes for $17,000/year. Enterprises can avail of its API Products Enterprise plan that goes for $42,000/year.

Computing on which software will be more financially sound for your business will depend on the features that you need and prioritize. Naturally, if you have more active users, it will be more expensive if you’d opt for Okta Identity Cloud. However, Okta Identity Cloud can also be the better option if you have a small team with limited needs as you can easily choose which features to avail.

Both platforms offer free trials to users.

User Capacity

How many people do you need to secure and authenticate on a daily basis? Do you intend to expand in the near future? These questions are essential as Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud differ when it comes to user capacity.

Auth0 can handle more than 50,000 external active users and more than 5,000 internal employees. Okta Identity Cloud offers no limit when it comes to active users. If you have an enterprise-grade need and you’re willing to pay on a per-user basis, Okta should be your choice.

If you run a massive system with numerous users like a hospital, both platforms will actually be very efficient. It will just primarily depend on the number of users you’re willing to spend for and the features you need. If you have less than 50,000 active users, Auth0 is a better option as it has a ready plan that comes with bundled features. If you happen to run a hospital and you’re looking for more tools for better administration, do check out our list of practice management software.

Unique Features

Auth0 and Okta Identity Cloud each have unique features. Both are known for their tools when it comes to single sign-on, identity management, user governance, and access management but each has uniquely offered tools.

Auth0 has unique tools for multi-factor authentication (MFA). This tool makes it easy to secure that former members or employees have completely no access to all logins and data.

Okta Identity Cloud has special tools for cloud directory services and zero trust networking. Cloud directory services secure the 24/7 availability of all files and security access via the cloud. Zero trust networking is a potent security tool as it secures that no one in the system can be fully trusted. Hence, extra layers of authentication and verification are required.


When it comes to authentication, both platforms offer robust identity security tools. However, Auth0 offers more options when it comes to supporting the required authentication systems, methods, and protocols. This means that Auth0 provides users with more tools for customizing identity authentication protocols.

Different industries require different authentication needs. Industries that need strict quality management protocols will benefit more from Auth0 because more tools are available to users when it comes to customizing authentication and role management. It’s best if you know the level of security and authentication that your business needs. If you’re a player in quality-driven industries, do check out our analysis on the latest trends and tools among top quality management software.

User Onboarding

Auth0 is a potent tool but it does not offer a solid system for user onboarding and off-boarding. This is possibly because it already offers MFA that can seamlessly secure a system from unwanted users.

Okta Identity Cloud shines when it comes to user onboarding and off-boarding. Its tools allow users to request access, automate provisions, manage roles, and approve workflows.


Both platforms offer massive integration toolsets. Okta has built-in integration tools that can work with 5,500 third-party apps like Zendesk, Office 365, G Suite, and more. It also has an open API so it can easily integrate with any desired third-party app.

Auth0 also has built-in integrations with third-party apps like Slack, Zoom, SharePoint, and Office 365. It also has an open API so it can easily work with just about any third-party app there is. What makes it better than Okta Identity Cloud is the fact that it can also integrate with tools for authentication per se like SAML, LDAP, and ADFS. This gives Auth0 users more power when it comes to controlling how they authenticate and verify users.

What is the best identity management software for you?

You will make the most out of this Auth0 vs Okta Identity Cloud comparison article if you’re going to take note of the following points:

Auth0 is best for you if:

  • You run a small business and you have a limited budget. It has a forever free version that can take on 7,000 active users.
  • You want a one-stop-shop. If you don’t want to think about the necessary tools and features and just want to get on with your work without thinking about security protocols, Auth0 is for you. It offers a complete service package that will not leave a small team of developers wanting.
  • You prefer specialized tools for multi-factor authentication.
  • You want more tools and customization parameters when it comes to authentication.
  • You prefer more integrations with different endpoints.

Okta Identity Cloud is best for you if:

  • You’re an advanced user and you know the specific tools and features that you need. You will save more as tools are sold separately and are priced depending on the number of active users.
  • You run an enterprise-grade system with thousands of users. It has no limit when it comes to user capacity. However, pricing is dependent on the number of users. So the more users you have, the higher your monthly fee will be.
  • You opt for a zero-trust networking protocol.
  • You prefer onboarding and off-boarding tools for independent users.
  • You prefer ease when it comes to mobile access.

You should opt for Auth0 if you run a small business with no complicated needs for authentication. It has a forever free version and its lowest-priced plan offers complete tools to have your team be fully secured and up and running in an instant. Okta Identity Cloud should be your choice if you run an enterprise and you endeavor to provide more tools for independent mobile users. If you run a very small experienced team, Okta Identity Cloud is also good for you as its tools are offered a la carte. If you’re adept with authentication tools, you will have the luxury of knowing and only availing of the exact tools you need which will lead to more savings.

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