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How To Boost Your Marketing ROI With Missed Calls & Call Blasts

by Arthur Zuckerman

What would you do if there is a problem with a certain product or service?

You might respond to it by complaining to the service provider or leaving them an online review. However, if you choose to call up the service provider and voice your concern, your problem is usually addressed. 

Am I right?

Calls are still the easiest and most natural approach to turning leads into consumers, regardless of how sophisticated marketing strategies have become in recent years. In the past, voice conversations have been quite important in increasing a company’s sales.

By using information obtained from phone calls, you could be able to increase your ROI provided you know the appropriate strategies. ROI is important to all businesses, be it large or small. The ability to predict it and exert influence over it can enhance your marketing effectiveness. Knowing how your target audience responds to specific actions is crucial while developing your marketing strategy and launching your campaigns. To secure a respectable degree of return on investment, it all comes down to tailoring your strategy to the requirements and expectations of the clients.

Best practices to convert your leads into customers 

Did you know the best technique to turn your leads into customers is through voice calls and missed calls? Don’t go on my words. Trust numbers. 

Let’s check out some quantified findings: 

  • According to research, small and mid-sized businesses miss about 62% of calls.
  • 60% of consumers choose to call local businesses after finding them on Google.

Therefore, it is crucial for you, as a digital marketer, to make sure that prospects can find your contact information with ease as soon as they arrive on your website. The visitors might be able to call when necessary if permanent call buttons are added to the header, footer, and other applications.

It won’t be sufficient to optimize the website to increase call volume. The call buttons should also be included in the digital adverts. Including your contact information in display advertisements, Facebook ads, or paid search ads increases the likelihood that users will interact with them and call you for business inquiries.

Now, I am talking about a time when phone call rates were quite high, when digital media and internet were not that mainstream, and when people couldn’t imagine working from anywhere but office. This is when the concept of missed calls came into play. It took some consideration back then to make a call for something as simple as conversing with a buddy, contacting a firm in another nation, or promoting a good or service. 

Many people began using the missed call as a form of communication, particularly as mobile phones took off, to inform their loved ones of their safe location. Even if the cost of calls significantly decreased after VoIP telephony was introduced, the practice of missing calls is still prevalent.

What is missed call marketing and why is it important for SMEs? 

Missed call marketing is a modern marketing technique that combines with other pull marketing techniques. This marketing technique captures the notion that the target market for a firm’s advertising campaign contacts the company at no cost to them. The audience’s free outreach to the firm serves as an additional motive for potential customers to go above and beyond and contact the business running the offer. Therefore, missed call marketing makes it possible for businesses to use calls not only to provide the best customer service but also to level up their overall marketing efforts. 

Do you understand how business missed calls function? Well, a company can employ a missed call or a toll-free number service to get a fancy 1800 number and develop a marketing campaign that would prompt its audience to engage without incurring any costs.

Can miss-call marketing really boost your business ROI?

Missed call marketing can help your business in many operations and domains, giving it advantages that are highly beneficial to your organization.

  • It saves consumers’ time, which results in improved customer experiences, which in turn increases customer happiness and encourages consumer trust.
  • Obtaining top-notch leads assists your company to improve sales effectiveness and, consequently, revenues.
  • You gain time from your customer call center in relation to customer assistance. Thus, your client department’s productivity will rise as the response time goes down since you can serve more clients in a shorter amount of time.

What is call blast and how can it benefit your business in marketing?

Have you heard of call blast? As simply defined, call blasting is a cloud telephony service that enables users to instantly blast an audio message to a large number of contacts. It is a very helpful tool for reaching out to your target audience in large numbers at the appropriate moment and displaying the maximum benefit. The user only needs to load a pre-recorded message into the system, and choose how many phone numbers to call, the time, and the date; the remaining is managed automatically by the application, making it incredibly simple to create and operate.

There are several challenges that small businesses face that need to be addressed cautiously. Unlike large corporations, marketing for small businesses lack the funds and resources necessary to make significant financial investments and requires solutions to accomplish as much as they can within the constraints of their limited budget.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to attract many potential consumers is through call blasting, which is also one of the most affordable marketing strategies available because of the widespread adoption of flexible VoIP packages. Through the use of call blasting, a business can make a lot of pre-recorded calls to a list of potential clients.

The simple method of advertising enables a small business to get in touch with a large number of potential customers by contacting them to describe their goods and services or make a statement of any present sale or current offer.

A company may make sure they are getting seen by these consumers by making these calls engaging and valuable to these potential clients. Additionally, VoIP makes it possible to incorporate IVR in these calls, which increases their audience appeal. 

Benefits of call blasting 

Some of the benefits of call blast include:

  • It helps a firm to communicate personally with its customers. This gives the impression that the consumers or customers are receiving special treatment. This improves relationships with the aforementioned clients or customers and raises the perceived value of the company.
  • The call blast capability is extremely cost-effective because it instantly sends your message to both your current and potential consumers. Businesses no longer need to hire many employees to manually call clients, which significantly reduces operating costs.
  • VoIP system’s call blast feature is incredibly simple to use and set up. After a brief waiting period, the user can simply upload the pre-recorded content. 

Users of the call blast service can examine marketing campaign performance, which is a crucial step in the development of subsequent campaigns. Call blasting service providers typically supply their clients with quick data analysis, along with recordings of their calls, which can be used to improve guidance and other areas of the call center process.

Boost marketing and grow sales with missed call campaigns and call blasting 

While consistency is crucial when sales prospecting, manually calling or texting every prospect becomes time-consuming. Businesses may maintain consistency in their speech delivery with the assistance of the call blast service. To increase the success of your marketing initiatives and create a lasting impression on your callers, you can customize your greetings.

Your sales teams may monitor the messages and voicemails in real-time by having access to the blast analytics. You can edit your contact list suitably and work on scripts tailored to your brand after examining the final delivery reports. In the end, call blasting allows your company to significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing and customer outreach efforts by broadcasting customized messaging and also providing results with a data-driven approach.

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