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Transforming Care: Doula Management Software and Client Engagement

by Arthur Zuckerman

If parenthood is a special period, doulas help to make this period more special by giving emotional and physical support. Amidst the whirlwind of emotions that would-be and new parents undergo, Doulas act like a cushion and support them throughout.

It’s found that having a doula as a member during birth reduces the length of labor by 25% and requests for an epidural by 60%. Isn’t it fascinating? Doulas have now become such an essential part of labor, childbirth, and the postpartum phase as well.

If you run a doula business that offers care and solutions to expectant and new parents, you would know that understanding the business’s ins and outs and delivering exceptional client satisfaction is as hard as childbirth.

While we talk about ensuring client satisfaction, you might have faced a lot of challenges starting from managing bookings to effectively communicating with your clients. These could be an obstacle to walking through the path of effective client engagement. Here, a good doula care software can help you a lot.

Let’s take you through how doula management software helps in effectively engaging your clients So, your doula business journey can be as smooth and seamless as you wish to make for your clients and patients during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and beyond.

What is Doula Management Software, and How does it help?

To run a doula business successfully, you should consider bringing new and innovative tools into your business. One such helpful tool could be Doula Management Software. This software can aid you with all the business management functions. From managing bookings to helping you with effective analysis with reports it takes care of everything.

Ensure better Client engagement with the following:

  1. Online And Offline Courses
  2. Customized Care Plans
  3. Intuitive Booking Experience
  4. Provide educational resources
  5. Make payments easy
  6. Different means of Communication
  7. Analytics and Client Understanding
  8. Team Management

A Doula Management Software simplifies the mode of business operation and improves client management with various features.

1. Online and Offline Courses

The prime requisite of doulas is to understand their clients well. In that case, you’re hitting home for a family via your service. So, you must understand the preferences and convenience of your clients.

Since pregnancy is a rollercoaster journey of emotions, and the mother’s health can be all over the place, it’s wise to offer class options that fit each individual or couple’s unique needs.

Doulas are experts at giving in-person attention to their clients, so naturally, you’ll be conducting offline classes. But for clients who prefer to stay at home, providing online classes is essential for many reasons.

Also, offering these choices in your services avoids last-minute bailing out and cancelations. This also shows that your business is empathetic to people’s needs, and you’re too tuned into what parents are going through emotionally. It’s important to make your clients feel that you get them completely. This increases your business’s trustworthiness, which in turn increases organic client engagement.

2. Customized Care Plans for Clients

Exclusivity speaks miles for you! Let me put it this way: doulas offer care sessions in multiple phases of pregnancy, starting from neonatal care to postpartum care. So you can package your services based on your client’s specific requirements.

For example, you can combine postpartum yoga and breastfeeding guidance classes which could be a hit among new mothers. You can give exclusive access to these packages paired with discounts and special events. This gives the feeling of exclusivity which in turn increases client retention.

Find good software that provides membership management that helps you pack different care packages under differential pricing. For instance, Omnify enables businesses to pack their services for different durations such as packages for the first trimester, second trimester, etc. Bundle together appropriate services under different packages and start selling. This helps you target different groups of clients engaging different segments with your business.

3. Intuitive Booking Experience

Business owners effectively craft and package their services, but there’s no point if clients aren’t able to navigate through them and effectively make bookings, right?

For example, you’ll run different classes such as prenatal birth counseling, prenatal yoga for childbirth, Postpartum fitness classes, breastfeeding counseling sessions, and more. These should be categorized so that your clients can pick a service and make bookings with ease.

Not only this, but the booking process should be easy and intuitive to understand. To better understand your clients and patients, use intuitive software that allows you to collect important details, such as any health conditions the mom-to-be may have.

For instance, Omnify Provides mandatory custom fields that you can enable before and after booking to collect data from your client.

It’s not only about how your clients make bookings. It’s all about enabling a business-client understanding, which is the first step towards improved client engagement. By 2023, the Doula care business has generated a revenue of US$ 14,356.4 million and the estimated market can reach up to US$ 25,710.1 million by 2023. In such a competitive industry, your businesses have the responsibility to make it easy for your clients to find and book the services they want from you.

4. Provide educational resources

Consider this,

Your clients who are enrolled in your postpartum classes may feel the need to learn more about it and refer to materials whenever they need. In that case, you should be able to provide them with appropriate reference materials such as books and e-materials.

Also, businesses should think about expanding their approach to improve their revenue by selling physical products. For instance, you can sell a “newborn kit,” which contains all the essential items required during the early postpartum period. This saves a lot of time and effort for your clients, bringing you another step closer to them. Giving your clients the feeling that your business understands their emotional ups and downs helps in improving your client engagement significantly.

This can be facilitated by choosing an appropriate doula management software that enables businesses to sell physical and digital products via your store. Omnify helps you with this by allowing you to sell your products directly from the service store.

5. Make Payments Easy

Payments are the checkpoint for any business.

If we talk from a client’s perspective, ensuring multiple payment methods with a platform that ensures a smooth transaction model is important. Clients should feel convenient to choose whichever payment method they prefer whether offline or online. Businesses should make sure that they choose a platform that is flexible enough to offer multiple payment options.

From a Business perspective, it is essential to provide multiple online payment options such as Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay, and Offline payments. Also, businesses facing “payment failures” are unavoidable.  In such cases, it will be an added advantage if the platform that you use auto-retries the failed payments. For example, Omnify offers the “Auto Recover” feature or payment dunning, which retries failed payments.

6. Different Means of Communication

Doulas are a whole new kind of service, new parents and parents-to-be will have multiple questions throughout the journey with you. In this case, you should be available to them by offering different and quick ways of communication. This is essential even if you want to give them a heads-up on slot changes, notifying clients about upcoming classes and cancellations.

Make sure that you’re always on the hook and updating your clients. Automated emails can help notify your clients about immediate changes and schedule switch-ups. A doula management platform can help your business effectively manage your emails.

Also, don’t snooze on social media! It is the best way to stay connected with your clients of different ages and locations and put you in front of potential clients. If you’re staying connected with your clients via all social media platforms, the chances of missing out are very low. You can also host interactive live sessions, Q&As, AMA posts, or sessions to convey your business value and hear from your clients more effectively.

Along with this, don’t forget to send out regular informative newsletters, blogs, and client reviews. These are that little bit of extra mile you walk to place you at the center point in your industry. Engaging with your clients via different platforms is the surefire way to increase your brand credibility and retain them for a long time. Diversify your marketing strategy by incorporating suitable marketing tools.

7. Analytics and Client Understanding

Reports and Analytics are helpful for a business in many ways to build your clients. It just fragments your business performance into understandable pieces.

Firstly, you need detailed reporting to understand your client’s persona and behavioral pattern within your business. This is essential to segmenting your clients based on their interests and preferences and streamlining targeted marketing efforts.

Let me give you an example: when it comes to the doula care business, you can collect details from your clients and potential customers by setting up custom questions. This helps identify groups of clients such as first-time parents, high-risk pregnancies, LGBTQ couples, home birth seekers, families with low income, and so much more. With this data on your hand, you can easily design and market your services and improve client engagement with your business.

You can understand your client preferences by understanding the enrollment trends and answering questions like “whether online or offline classes are preferred more?”. “Which of your services is hit among your clients?”. “How many clients walk into your services without booking?” and more. This gives you a better understanding of your business and helps you in effectively packing your services. So keep in mind to choose the best assistive software to manage your business.

8. Team Management

Having solid team management is the key to keeping your business running without getting stuck here and there. Doula management software could be a go-to solution for this-

First of all, look for software that can help you manage your team’s accessibility easily. You should be able to assign different roles and permissions according to your teammates. If the software allows you to allot multiple trainers to a class it’s a plus. This gives a diversified approach to your services that helps your clients to have a widened perspective of your classes.

And, of course, communication between teams is the key. You should choose software that makes it easy to communicate within your team whenever there’s a time shift between sessions, cancelations, breaks, and more.

If your team is solid, it can have a greater impact on your clients. A well-coordinated team can deliver high-quality services to their clients consistently. This will, in turn, strengthen client relationships with your businesses and improve overall client engagement.

In conclusion, client engagement is important for a business. To improve client engagement, one needs to understand pain points and continuously try to resolve them all. When you employ a tool like doula management software it helps to better understand how your business functions and what are all the expectations from your business and helps you to work towards it. Make sure to compare different software and make informed decision by using platforms like Comparecamp. This brings in a holistic approach to your business development.

To make things easy for your business, try out doula management software like Omnify which helps you manage your business like a pro!

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