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Custom eLearning Development Vs Educational Website Builder

by Arthur Zuckerman

All of us are well aware of the standards about developing an e-learning system and the importance of online teaching nowadays as it is already visible. A lot of different institutions in the world have started e-learning programs and developed a series of e-learning courses in multiple languages. Many instructors, teachers, coaches have started to earn money after this culture came into our lives.

So, those people who have already decided to start their “teaching business” probably have to determine how to evaluate the eLearning development costs to monetize their educational content in the best way possible. These days the options are various and it is relatively easier to choose one that best fits your needs, requirements, and preferences.

Online Learning Platform Development

These days when every sphere of the industry is going digital, new tech tools and methods arrive constantly. Accordingly, businesses and individual entrepreneurs tend to establish an online presence and reach a wider market. The E-learning industry is one of the lucky ones that is possible to fully implement in digital reality.

There are different options to develop the best school websites, either rely on educational website builders and create a no-code website or work with a development team and get IT consulting services for a discussion related to your custom website development. 

So it is time to select: do you need to spend money and time developing your own LMS (learning management system), or should you purchase into an established system? At this point, there are expenses and advantages for each of us. Or perhaps you’d like to promote your tutoring business by posting teaching videos, posters, and tutoring flyer on your own social media platforms!

That is why I am here to analyze which kind of online teaching strategy works better.

At the very beginning, let’s discuss the benefits of custom eLearning development.

Customized content allows e-learning managers to have an assessment of a lot of valuable features and materials. Besides this offer them the liberty to modify their courses too.  And custom-developed eLearning courses guarantee a unique technique that leads to a sense of reliability and confidence in the training content and can make a beneficial contribution to participation.

Custom eLearning development can seem expensive BUT take into consideration the fact that high-skilled Experts in training Designers and content developers build and manage your training for a long time without having to undergo comprehensive revision utilizing cheap updates and modifications.

Firstly, there are many different sites like Udemy, Coursera, which allow you to share your content easily. Subscribers usually can pay a monthly fee to have access to the entire library and enjoy them. Besides, you will not spend extra money on marketing. 

There are thousands of users on these sites, and it is a method to benefit from high-quality content, but it is also a great way to begin creating a multi-channel public.

How could ELearning instructors benefit from this?

What are the Main Benefits?

  • First of all, you will not face a problem finding the appropriate audience for you, as there are already existing users using these platforms.
  • Available resources for you to create and structure excellent content.
  • Great working customer service! When things go wrong, they will solve the problem instead of you!
  • No maintenance or updating requirements: the host site completely manage this!

What are the Disadvantages?

  • There is no kind of price structure control. Usually, you get just half of the income. And, that is not so profitable for instructors. So, the hosting site takes a share and your profit decrease.
  • Other, you may come up to similar courses in competition. And the market becomes more and more comprehensive than you have imagined or thought about! So, maybe competition will not allow you to gain fame.
  • It is usually difficult or impossible to switch to another system օr a self-proper site.

Now, what about Educational Website Builders?

These days online teachers encounter and have to overcome a lot of obstacles and inconveniences. You should be aware of and prepared to address online learning problems when choosing to become part of the e-learning family.

So what to do in this case. From where and how to start? A successful e-learning website requires some abilities and also preparation. Of course, there are platforms for completing these procedures efficiently. So, let us move ahead and show you all the benefits you will get from here.

Hey, do not you want to offer several types of content for your membership site?

Here you are free to choose.

One of the most important points is that you can start with video course materials.

Do you need some statistics to prove how important is visual content to remember the material?

What about Live lessons?

If you have already chosen this “JOB”, that means you are ready to try even unrealistic and adventurous things to make your courses competitive in the market. So it is smart to know how to create evergreen automated webinars and courses because they will save you a lot of time and let you focus on promotion and content development. By the way, some individuals like to be directly connected to the creators in real-time when learning something.

This is possible with the help of e-learning website builders. As a creator, you may have an online chat where learners share their concerns, ask questions, or just provide feedback. When students pass your online courses they will surely have something to share with the author. You should give them that opportunity.

Besides, live lessons will help to be in direct contact. You will explain topics in a real-time call and discuss the points immediately at the place. In this way, you will get their reaction and understand how they have acquired the topic.

Online quizzes

Another experienced “feature” – quizzes.

Due to its ease, convenience, and benefits, quizzes are advantageous for all students attending online classes. Quizzes have led to students reading and completing tasks up to the finish, with a favorable influence, motivation, particularly during exam periods.


I can say both good and bad things about this. Firstly this is proof that you have successfully completed the course. Secondly, sometimes this is a motivation for different students to complete the course till the end with better grades. So, you can think, is this advantage or vice versa.

Let us revise

  • More overall freedom, content style, your favorite website design, and, of course, the domain you always wanted. So you are more independent here!
  • Operating and servicing fixed costs. What is more important than this? Let’s do not forget that this is the critical factor of your work.
  • The developer manages backend upgrades and site maintenance to focus on customer-oriented components.
  • You have access to e-mail list builders and marketing tools (if included).


  • You are the only one who is responsible for commercial aspects.
  • You need to be a programmer to know how to code your site and an LMS or you need to employ someone who does.
  • Unlike already famous sites, for an unknown website will be a little difficult to gain confidence to sell courses and get money. So put a significant effort in establishing customer confidence and also, marketing is likely to be required;

To Sum Up

You need to think long and hard about what you want and what can be more profitable and easier for you to organize further work. So It is up to you to decide how much money you are going to earn or how much you are going to work to achieve a result.

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