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Top 10 Alternatives & Competitors: Best Similar Digital Business Payment Software

by Arthur Zuckerman

Before the advent of digital business payment software such as, financial records were manually entered. Soon, accounting transactions used spreadsheets, which greatly sped up computations and processing. Spreadsheets weren’t the end-all solution, however, as inputted formulas tended to have errors or wrong entries. Also, being a local document, spreadsheets were vulnerable to multi-user overwrites; thus, compromising data. Clearly, alternatives to spreadsheets were needed.

Fully-featured accounting software systems represent the next wave in software automation. Among the subcategories are digital billing payment software, where invoicing is digitally generated, and payments are electronically made without the need to print a check or step into a bank. One such software is This digital billing payment software not only processes AR and AP transactions but also sets up a two-way billing and payment system for your company. 

One of the top digital business payment software, provides a more efficient way to manage company expenses, as it minimizes or removes the use of actual paper from accounting work, allows for the payment of bills anywhere and setting up of multi-level users, and automatically notifies your suppliers and recipients.

Issues with, while considered as one of the top billing software in the market, is far from the do-all and end-all solution for all companies. Apart from a reportedly clunky UI, there are some concerns about the software’s limited cross-border payment options and payment methods choice as the software requires you to cede managing accounts to for payment purposes and then to have difficulties to revert control of these accounts to you.

For those who are unsure if can deliver on their company needs, below are 10 alternatives comprised of the top digital business payment software available.

List of top 10 alternatives

1. Melio

melio dashboard

Melio is an advanced payment gateway that accommodates B2B transactions. It comes equipped with end-to-end tools for invoicing, bank transfer management, credit card processing, AP management, and AR management. It is also designed to ensure transparency through its payment tracking functions and workflow approvals.

Using this software, businesses can make transactions as hassle-free as possible. Users can also ensure fast yet safe payments as it leverages state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms during data transmission.

For pricing, Melio offers a Business plan and an Accountant plan that is free to use. However, they charge a 2.9% credit card payer fee as well as $20 for international transfers.

2. Tipalti

Tipalti is a digital business payment software that features invoice-based AP automation and non-invoiced mass payments. It is designed to increase efficiency by reducing manual payable tasks.

The software is ideal for companies aiming for a global approach on their payment systems while reducing manual accounting workload for their employees. Designed for scalability, and accessible via the cloud server, Tipalti is a reliable and secure choice.

Tipalti does not advertise its rates and will provide custom quotes per company.

3. Bill4Time

Bill4Time, a law practice management solution, is a complete billing solution that automates billing, recovers lost revenue and tracks bills. Apart from case management, Bill4Time manages payment systems for companies through custom invoices and bills detailing terms, discounts, and fees. This results in a faster and more efficient way to transact and pay suppliers and vendors.

The software seamlessly integrates with your existing software, including payment options, document storage, calendars, and accounting platforms. This ensures your previous software investments remain in use.

Bill4Time comes in three plans, based on an increasing number of features. The Time & Billing package is $29/user per month. The Legal Pro comes in at $49/user per month, while the Legal Enterprise is at $89.

4. jBilling


jBilling’s invoice builder.

jBilling is a web-based, open-source billing solution that can accommodate even highly complex billing matters. This open-source technology provides transparency in its source code to show the integrity of billings.

Recognizing the need for fast and reliable service, this cloud-based software aims to successfully process payments with complex business rules and high flexibility requirements.  jBilling also allows customization to better suit your business

jBilling does not offer a trial version and has not posted its rates. Instead, you can get a custom quote through customer support.

5. Prism Bills & Money

Prism Bills & Money is a bill management app for smartphones that tracks your pending bills and reminds you of incoming due payments. When settling your bills, you can choose to set up payments via credit, debit, or prepaid card, or directly taken from your bank account. The actual bills payment is simple and quick. You can pay one time or schedule payment regularly.

The software values the security of sensitive information being processed. Prism uses 256-bit AES encryption and features additional PIN/biometric authentication for added security.

Prism is free software available for download for iOS and Android.

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