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by Alex Hillsberg

CloudFlare is a set of tools and applications that are built to bolster websites, improve their reach, enhance their visibility in the online world, and more. CloudFlare offers 5 different features that help websites become what the CloudFlare team describes “supercharged”: CDN (Content Delivery Network), CloudFlare Optimizer, CloudFlare Security, CloudFlare Analytics, and CloudFlare Apps.

So how does CloudFlare “supercharges” websites? Here’s a short summary of what CloudFlare can do:

  • Shields websites from potentially damaging malware, viruses, and other digital threats.
  • Significantly improves the speed of websites by limiting access to bots and crawlers that take up so much bandwidth and server resources.
  • Optimizes web pages to accelerate loading time and improve end-user experience.
  • Channels website content through an intelligent global network, thus expanding content reach dramatically.

Simply put, one needs to sign up and become a member of the CloudFlare community to enjoy the perks. While a free version is available, priced plans come with advanced functions which equate to better performance. These priced bundles start at $20 per month.

CloudFlare is arguably one of the best choices in the website content and delivery optimization category. But if you are looking to see what other options can bring to the table, you can’t go wrong with the four names listed below.

1. Incapsula

1132015 Incapsula

One of the few systems out there that can perform at par with CloudFlare in many respects is Incapsula. Developed internet security specialists, Incapsula a level 1 PCI certified service provider with a cloud-based Web Application Firewall. That means users of this system is highly protected from common and advanced forms of DDoS attacks, including network, application and DNS targeted attacks. With its global CDN, Incapsula improves website performance by implementing highly advanced networking, dynamic caching and content optimization techniques.

Incapsula has developed applications that will secure and speed up websites for various business types, whether they are e-commerce business, SaaS provider or SMB. On top of the services Incapsula provides its clients, a team of technical support staff is ready to resolve problems and issues 24/7.

Incapsula offers 4 priced bundles along with a free trial period for users who want to take the system for a test drive.

2. CDNify

1132015 Cdnify

Another CDN service provider that uses the term “supercharge”, CDNify boasts of a lot of things that many of its competition are unable to provide. While having a secure global CDN infrastructure is now a standard, CDNify is the one of its kind in terms of providing Custom SSL as a standard feature. This means users get tighter security measures and better experience overall. On top of that, CDNify integrates seamlessly with leading content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and PretaShop to name a few.

CDNify implements a “pay as you grow” system, enabling users to customize and configure their CDN requirements and scale up or down as their business expands. Content and usage tracking on the fly is also a nice feature that CDNify provides. Users can easily monitor statistics with real time analytics.

CDNify plans start at $10 per month but users have the option to go for a customized package to help them get a better deal for a better price.

3. MyraCloud


Based in Germany, MyraCloud has proven to be one of the most popular CDN providers in Europe. The system adheres to the regulations of the German Data Security Law (BDSG). That means critical information and other sensitive data are highly protected and transmitted via Germany’s strict infrastructure. With MyraCloud, users get more than just DDoS protection as it simultaneously includes websites in its content protection network (CPN).

MyraCloud’s data servers are positioned all over the world to ensure that websites loads faster and users experience short response times. Content is automatically optimized, which means fast becomes faster. With a combination of topnotch security and unparalleled speed, it is no wonder why many companies, such as Falke, Wall Street Online, and Universal rely on MyraCloud to deliver their websites’ content without compromising the integrity of their IT infrastructure.

4. CDN77

1132015 CDN77

Released in 2012, the London-based CDN77 is still a new player in the CDN market. But while it does not have the longevity its competition possesses, CDN77 packs a powerful punch when it comes to features and services. Granted that CDN77 is slower than the leading service providers, but it implements a transparent pricing scheme that only bills users for the bandwidth they consumed.

Like many of its competitors, CDN77 also has a global network, enabling business websites to expand and reach out to potential customers and audience in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. A 24/7 support team is on the ready to help users with their queries and issues.

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