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4 Reasons Why You Need A Software Tester Before Product Release

by Arthur Zuckerman

Image launching new software, and your customers come across a bug and reach out to you regarding the same. It would be embarrassing and drastically affect your reputation and sales. 

That is why Quality Assurance and Software testing are of great importance for the growth and success of any company that uses software as a primary business tool. In addition, the company must prioritize quality and good user experience when launching a new product. Therefore, testing and assessing the quality of the software is essential in every stage of development.

The ultimate goal of software testing is to launch a product with zero bugs, but this is unrealistic as no product can be utterly bug-free during its lifetime. Therefore, when a product is in the testing stage, it is essential to remember that fixing bugs and patch management is a neverending process as bugs can appear at any time. 

So to understand the importance of software testing and quality assurance, let us take a deeper look into testing and finding errors in the early stages of product development.

Why Should You Invest In Software Testing?

1. Save Money With Early Testing!

Unfortunately, not all companies or businesses consider early testing and Quality Assurance during the early stages of development. One of the main reasons software testing services is essential is its cost-effectiveness. Testing software might seem like a significant investment initially, but detecting bugs at an early stage can help save money and time. 

Detecting bugs after the product is out there would not just cost you money but also affect your business’s reputation. If you are a startup or a small business, you would not want a PR disaster to be a part of the price you will pay for deploying a bad piece of software.

Finding a QA test engineer or a software tester is not that hard, especially one that fits the budget of your company or business. Companies like Wishup offer software testers or software test engineers at a much more affordable price than when you hire one on your payroll. Additionally, you can run your software testing with user testers in beta stage, or internally within the company if you really cannot afford a software tester.

Hiring a remote software tester can be a good decision as you can hire the best talent from across the globe. In addition, 78% of businesses have claimed that a diverse workforce has been an asset to their company.

2. Security

Security is another reason why software testing is critical. There are millions of software or products in the market that customers do not trust as they have had a history of privacy invasion. 

When customers use your product or software, they trust you with their personal information, which can make them lose their trust in your company or business altogether. 

There are multiple instances from the past where giant firms such as British Airways, Facebook, and the O2 network lost their customer’s trust because of data breaches caused due to lack of security. 

Such instances have always managed to make it to the headlines of national dailies. They create a bad image of the company in the customers’ minds.

It is not easy to gain that trust back without paying for it! Conducting software testing in the early stages before any data breach or privacy threats is a safe way to assure your customers that they can trust your software with their personal information without fearing any consequences. 

To allay your customers’ fears about data backup in case your software crashes, you can also recommend backing up their data using third-party tools. 

3. Delivering The Best Quality

Delivering the quality that you promise to your customers is crucial to building the right brand image. With the help of QA testers and software test engineers, you can test at the early stage and be sure of delivering what the customers need from your products. Making customers happy is the crucial goal of any product, which is assured only through testing. 

Several aspects are considered before launching a product, one of which is its compatibility. When you launch a product in the market and aim to serve customers worldwide, be sure with the help of your software testing team that your products work correctly across multiple devices and operating systems. 

Making sure that the product works correctly regardless of the operating system and device is not an easy task. Moreover, it can annoy customers who would not be able to use the product to its full potential due to these constraints. However, with the help of QA test engineers and their experience in the field, you can fix problems that are often neglected or not given importance but hold the potential to damage your product and your company’s reputation. 

4. Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

To make your software perfect, there will always be changes or features that need to be added, and that is not easy to do. Moreover, even the most insignificant change can affect the functioning of other features. 

Old codes are challenging to change and can make it difficult for a new developer to make changes or add new features. In addition, the changes can lead to bugs and even inaccessibility. To avoid this, you need a software testing team to test the changes before they are implemented. 

Your developer and testing teams need to work parallelly to make the process faster and more efficient. Again, you can use project management software to aid you in this. 

5. Enhancing The Software Performance

Customers are always looking for the best value for the money they invest in your software. If the software has bugs and results in failure of features or does not perform the tasks with the efficiency promised by the company, they may claim a refund. On the other hand, a user or a customer might not compromise on the quality and opt for another software that does not have bugs. 

Therefore, it is crucial to have a product that matches the standards of your competitors or is even better than theirs to succeed. 

Quality assurance in the early stages of a product’s development can help speed up the process and help fix a bug or a malfunction quickly. However, fixing problems at a later stage becomes quite challenging and expensive. 

Get Started Today

Given the importance of software testing in delivering the best experience to your customers, it is time you started investing in a good software testing team from today. To hire a software tester, we recommend connecting with Wishup, which employs only the top 1% of all applicants it receives, thanks to its stringent recruiting standards.

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