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Compare Jillian Michaels and Medifast Weight Loss Plans: Which One Is Better?

by Arthur Zuckerman

A new diet program arrives and becomes the hottest thing in town; another one fades into oblivion. Should dieting habits really be as quick and fleeting as today’s trends in fashion? It shouldn’t be like that. In fact, we should consider looking at various factors before determining whether the weight-loss strategies offered by a diet program can really stand the test of time.

Take for example these two popular diet programs: the Medifast Diet and the Jillian Michaels Diet. They are considered among the “in” diet programs among dieters, promising the fastest and healthiest approach to lose weight. But beyond hype: which one is really better?

In this article, we will see which of these two is the better diet. We will discuss pros and cons of both diet programs to let you determine which one is more suitable when it comes to reducing weight or in specific situations. You may want to read more about how to lose weight safely and avoid getting involved with fad diets. 

Medifast Diet


Resembling other popular diets such as Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Slim-Fast, the Medifast Diet says it can let you lose your body weight of between two and five pounds a week without even getting hungry. It says that when you stick to a diet composed of Medifast products and an entrée each day composed of meat and vegetables, your body would stay full and remain nourished from protein, fiber, and important nutrients but at the same time you will consume only very few calories.

Advantage: Medifast Diet is Sound Nutrionally

For experts, the diet program is nutritionally sound. You do not have to count your caloric intake, carbohydrates, or any other point-value system that are the hallmarks of some other popular diet programs. In short, you do not have to monitor your food intake so much. Part of the food program includes powdered food (where you only need to add water to consume) so its easy to follow.

To be fair, the Medifast Diet indeed has cardiovascular benefits and may prevent or control diabetes, but it does not give you any advantage over other diet programs out there.

Advantage: Medifast Diet Does Not Pose Major Health Risks

Studies have also shown that the diet does not pose any major health risks. Side effects however may be seen, such as dizziness or fatigue, headaches, leg cramps, hair loss, rashes, loose skin, gas, bad breath, constipation diarrhea, and menstrual changes for women.

Disadvantage: Medifast Diet May Be Tough for Some

However, there are some cons when you follow the diet. It might be tough for some dieters to stick with the regimen, given its limited menu and minute portions.

Disadvantage: Medifast Diet Doesn’t Give You A Realistic Number of Pounds You Will Lose

In addition, despite Medifast’s claim that you can lose two to five pounds a week without you being hungry, it is difficult to get a realistic number of pounds you are going to lose when you strictly follow the diet.

Disadvantage: Medifast Products Don’t Exactly Taste Well

Medifast products, in addition, won’t win cuisine contests. However, the company says it taste-tests its products before making them publicly available and frequently monitors feedback from customers.

Jillian Michaels Diet


The Jillian Michaels Diet is named after an American personal trainer, author, television personality, and businesswoman from Los Angeles, California. Michaels is prominent among the dieters for her television appearances on “The Biggest Loser” and “Losing It with Jillian” of NBC. She is also prominent for her television appearance on “The Doctors” talk show.

The goal of the program is to exchange what Michaels calls “anti-nutrients” (sugars, chemical additives, and added fats) in your food intake with organic and natural foods, arranged in three phases. For example, in the first phase, you will avoid foods containing refined grains, hydrogenated fats, glutamates; and high-fructose corn syrup. Preservatives and artificial sweeteners are also removed from your diet in the first phase.

Advantage: Jillian Michaels Diet is Popular Because of its Namesake

Arguably, part of the popularity of the diet is attributed to the prominence and familiarity of the public with Michaels, who is a famous weight loss and fitness guru in her own right.

Advantage: Jillian Michaels Diet Offers Both Online and Offline Plans

The diet program also includes both online and offline plans, which to be fair, do not include any fad diets or gimmicks.

Advantage: Jillian Michaels Diet’s Tough-Love Approach Can Be a Motivator

Some dieters may feel that her tough-love approach can be quite an effective motivator. The Jillian Michaels Diet also promotes healthy living and practical.

Disadvantage: Jillian Michaels Diet is Exercise-Intensive

However, there are some drawbacks to the program. It is exercise-intensive. Exercise is the foundation of her diet program.

Disadvantage: Jillian Michaels Diet’s Tough-Love Approach Can Turn Off Dieters

Some may feel daunted by the fitness activities that supplement the diet. Michaels’ personality and tough-love approach to losing weight, which TV viewers saw during her “Biggest Loser” stint, may not click with a lot of people.

Disadvantage: Jillian Michaels Diet Offers Shorter-Weight Loss Time Plans

In addition, some programs only have a 30-day plan, which may only be appropriate for your short-term weight loss goals. Others who are planning to reduce weight for longer terms may have a hard time looking for an appropriate program.

The Verdict

So which is better: Medifast or Michaels’? If we are to base it on the ease of sticking to the diet and your weight loss aspirations, then the Medifast Diet is better than the Jillian Michaels Diet—although this does not mean one should not consider trying out the latter diet.

People might feel inclined to using the Medifast Diet given that it does not ask you to monitor much of anything you eat. The diet program makes it easier for the dieters to adapt to the system since it does not ask much from them, not even counting the fats, carbohydrates, or calories they consume in the foods they eat.

The Medifast diet has also earned respectable reviews as a short-term weight-reduction program. It is also considered among the best in the commercial diet plans out there. When you want to have a healthier heart and avoid getting diabetes, you should consider trying out the Medifast Diet.

Michaels has admitted that her program is not easy, especially given her program’s devotion to exercises as the foundation to losing weight, but promises to make it less difficult by giving you the much-needed tools and information. While some dieters may feel motivated with Michaels’ interesting tough-love approach, some might feel intimidated or turned off by the approach. Her diet, with its focus on exercises, may also drive away dieters who want to lose weight but are also not active physically.

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