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Top 10 ZoomInfo Alternatives & Competitors: Best Similar Contact Management Software

by Arthur Zuckerman

Contacts are the lifeblood of any business, so managing everything about them is critical. This is why many businesses turn to ZoomInfo to take care of their contact management needs. It is a widely used contact management solution due to its innovative features, robust contact database, and overall reliability.

Despite its sterling credentials, however, ZoomInfo is not the only contact management platform out there to consider. There are, in fact, a handful of similarly popular, efficient, and dependable contact management tools in the market today.

Some apps are known for offering advanced database features, while some offer the most integration capabilities. There are others that score high in providing customer support. This is why selecting the right contact management app, in large part, depends on the specific needs of a business.

Before we present the best ZoomInfo alternatives, it’s better to know this popular contact management solution. When you know the features, unique selling proposition, and strengths and drawbacks of ZoomInfo, it will be easier to compare it with ZoomInfo alternatives.

An Overview of ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a top contact management solution that provides some of the most actionable and precise customer and business contact intelligence. This robust efficiency also allows businesses to boost their development and revenues via ZoomInfo’s Growth Acceleration module.

This popular solution offers a constantly updated database that allows marketing professionals to roll out better marketing campaigns and sales teams to enhance lead generation among others. By providing easy access to important contact information, businesses can optimize the possibilities that existing and potential contacts offer.

ZoomInfo dashboard

ZoomInfo’s Admin Portal enables users to have complete control of their accounts, including creating groups, adding new users, etc.

Moreover, its Growth Acceleration module allows businesses to know and reach out more easily to key contacts from any organization, industry, and even per job function. With ZoomInfo, users can readily access contact details like email addresses, direct-dial phone numbers, and other important information.

Its special array of features and tools are easy to use yet provides robust and innovative functionalities, which collectively empower users with actionable insights. This solution also provides access to the highest number of email addresses and direct dials among B2B contact providers.

ZoomInfo is available exclusively by quote.

Reasons to Look for ZoomInfo Alternatives

The popularity of ZoomInfo as a best-in-class contact management solution transcends industrial and geographic boundaries. There are still many fishes in the sea and ZoomInfo only caters to its users’ specific needs and business context. This is why there are alternatives to this platform.

For instance, despite the fact that most software solutions nowadays can accommodate business users from anywhere, there are still many that prefer to deal with local software providers. This is due to many sound reasons, including the absence of provider-user gaps in culture, location, and other factors that can affect the quality and timeliness of service provision.

There’s also the aspect of business size. ZoomInfo mainly caters to medium to large enterprises, which is why it maintains one of the biggest contact databases in the industry. As such, although it is designed to be used by businesses of any size or industry, small businesses might find it to be too much for their needs.

Numerous business organizations worldwide trust and rely on ZoomInfo. However, these are among the valid concerns that may compel business users to choose another provider.

Top ZoomInfo Alternatives

The software products in this list of alternatives to ZoomInfo are arranged randomly, following no ranking or order. Still, all of these solutions are among the best among contact management platforms in the market today, and likely for the coming years. They also share some unique features and target markets but, at the same time, differ in many aspects, especially in their respective USPs. So here are the top ZoomInfo alternatives:

1. Sisense

This is a robust contact management and BI solution that offers businesses precise data management and analytics for improved efficiency and productivity. Sisense is very flexible to adjust to the specific needs of businesses of any size and any industry.

Sisense offers a host of powerful features to help businesses analyze and process large volumes of contact data derived from various sources. Its dashboard has a smart drag-and-drop capability that empowers users to easily visualize contact data processed in multiple ways, such as per contact location or frequency of transaction.

Also included in our list of business intelligence software, this multi-awarded contact management solution helps businesses easily share data-driven insights across work teams, network partners, and customers. Likewise, its single-stack architecture completes any data processing task in a flash.

Overall, Sisense is a great ZoomInfo alternative for more efficient management of contact information. It offers a free trial, while pricing is on a per quote basis.

Sisense dashboard

Sisense’s robust system allows users to easily handle large data sets to optimize report generation and derive actionable insights.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Drawing from the strengths of the largest global professional network, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a contact database and discovery platform powered by LinkedIn. It provides business users, especially sales teams and marketers, direct access to a wealth of contacts from a wide range of specializations and industries.

This is a compelling contact management tool that businesses of any size can use to search and connect with the right contacts in any profession or business organization. Like many of the best contact management software today, it also offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies and optimizes contact management.

In general, this is a good ZoomInfo alternative as evidenced by the numerous businesses worldwide that trust this management platform. Plans start at $64.99 a month.

3. D&B Hoovers

This is a sales intelligence solution that facilitates leads generation to further enhance sales efficiency. D&B Hoovers is among the few BI providers that can offer access to some of the most detailed market information available.

This platform offers a complete suite of features and tools. These include market intelligence functionality, targeted prospect lists, task automation, etc.

What’s more, prospective users can test D&B Hoovers for free if it fits their specific needs. Subscription plans are available by quote.

4. Global Database

A popular business data provider, Global Database offers a continuously expanding database of verified business information via its built-in workflow modules and its unified online portal. This online portal provides quick access to a huge volume of prospective customer data, including digital insights, credit risk, ratings, and other corporate financial information.

The vendor only derives information from legitimate BI networks to ensure that only accurate, updated business data are procured. This ensures that all database entries are the latest information available. In turn, business users can optimize their database utilization through the portal’s multiple filtering options and analytics features.

Global Database offers a free demo to allow users to have the firsthand experience of how the platform works. The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is based on the number of users, the volume of data exports, and the number of countries to be accessed.


This is an efficient sales prospecting platform that offers an effective method for searching important contact information. You can utilize to discover and validate the contact details, email addresses, work, and other important details of potential sales prospects.

A sound ZoomInfo alternative, this solution also offers an intuitive Chrome browser extension that allows you to easily and more effectively manage your contacts.

Aside from its sales prospecting functions, also facilitates the outreach activities of sales teams. It also allows efficient implementation of drip email campaign. Plus, our sales software research shows that the platform allows integration with popular sales and marketing tools like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. pricing starts at $79 per month (Essential Plan), while more advanced capabilities are available starting at $129 per month (Business Plan). Moreover, its Enterprise plan is also available by quote.

Prospect io dashboard’s dashboard showing its sales prospection automation functionality.

6. Lusha

This platform is a formidable ZoomInfo alternative for quickly identifying and arranging contact information. In fact, Lusha can provide you with all the pertinent individual and business contact data to efficiently enhance planning and decision making.

What’s more, this contact management solution is known for helping users to quickly find accurate phone numbers and emails for various business applications. These include marketing, sales, recruitment, and other key business activities.

Used by top global companies like Microsoft, Dell, and Google, Lusha is behind numerous successful email marketing campaigns. Its intuitive plugin can deeply scan the social profiles of numerous prospects in social networks and relevant online sites.

In addition, Lusha offers a free trial for a single user. Its premium plans start at $75 for two users/month.

7. DiscoverOrg

This contact management solution offers smart data gathering, reporting, and analytics tools to help sales and marketing teams boost their productivity. DiscoverOrg is another popular ZoomInfo alternative that is known for its dependable contact information and market trends gathering and analysis.

It also has an extensive contact database that is programmed to update itself through user intervention. Moreover, DiscoverOrg routinely provides the latest news and leadership changes that are relevant to the user. Its data is guaranteed to be 95% accurate at the minimum.

Finally, this solution is known for helping users create highly targeted sales lead databases. DiscoverOrg is also highly flexible to address the specific needs of businesses and sales teams. Pricing is on a per quote basis.

8. Lead411

If you’re looking for a reliable sales intelligence application powered by a dynamic database, Lead411 is a good option. It is designed to help business owners, marketers, sales teams, and headhunters elevate their efficiency to achieve better results.

Lead411 is a known ZoomInfo competitor. This is because both solutions offer a suite of features and capabilities that is almost the same. But a closer look will reveal the two platforms’ clear distinctions.

For instance, Lead411 can provide thousands of verified email addresses and landline and mobile direct dials on a daily basis. What’s more, all the information it generates is reliable and precise. It also offers buying signals, competitor information, smart sales triggers, etc.

And if you avail of its demo, you will receive 50 sales leads for free. Finally, its pricing starts at $75 per month.

9. Leadfeeder

Contact and sales management platform Leadfeeder is designed to streamline your lead generation and sales prospecting activities. It offers an effective way of finding leads within a market niche and help develop productive contact data sets.

But unlike ZoomInfo, Leedfeeder doesn’t generate or maintain its own database. Nonetheless, it offers a powerful way to identify relevant leads. Likewise, it helps make any lead generation and sales prospecting campaigns more effective.

This solution is able to do so by first integrating with Google Analytics. From there, Leedfeer automatically evaluates all your site visitors to identify potential leads. It doesn’t require a visitor to sign up or fill any forms; by merely visiting a site, it can already make a sound assessment. It can also monitor site user behavior and find contact information.

Leedfeer’s Lite plan is free while its Premium plan is $53 per month.

10. Mattermark

A contact management and sales prospecting solution, Mattermark offers businesses a wide array of functionalities that can help make sales pipeline management easier and more efficient.

It helps business users to more effectively perform all sales and marketing tasks, from scouring the internet for related business leads to culling all valuable details about them. Likewise, it automatically tracks any changes in each contact data, which ensures its timeliness and relevance.

Mattermark also supports smart reporting and analytics. This helps businesses to discover relevant market trends and draw actionable insights to boost their business model.

This contact management solution also provides detailed organizational profiles, containing all relevant data about a business entity. You can utilize this to identify potential B2B customers and easily reach out to them. Pricing starts at $49 per user a month.

What is the best ZoomInfo Alternative?

There you have it, the ten top ZoomInfo alternatives that businesses can look into as their possible contact management platform. Each of these software systems is widely used and acknowledged even in verified independent reviews as among the best in this software category.

But, of course, since there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, the buck stops at you, the potential business user. It is crucial to first do your homework to determine if one ZoomInfo alternative will be a good fit for your operations.

Aside from conducting more in-depth research about a prospective platform, it is also good practice to avail of the free trial and/or demo offer. This way, you’ll be able to evaluate a program more effectively. And once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential solutions, then you can make that sound final decision.

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