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The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Affiliate Marketing in 2023

by Arthur Zuckerman

As the Internet is becoming more accessible, people are now more comfortable using it and meeting their needs. Businesses looking to make the most of this cultural shift and try out different ways to reach out to consumers boost their business growth.

SaaS is amongst the most popular and growing industry that is experiencing a great evolution and are looking to grow exponentially, and for that, they need to find the right audience. And hence, they have their own SaaS affiliate program that not only helps them to grow and save costs but also helps marketers to be part of their growth and enjoy benefits.

So if you are a marketer looking to get an exponential shift, then the SaaS affiliate marketing industry is all for you, and this blog is all you need to know about it. In this blog, you will get to know about SaaS affiliate marketing, the key players, how affiliate marketers get paid, high-paying affiliate marketing, important steps to be an affiliate marketer. So read till the end because this blog has a lot to offer.

What is Saas Affiliate Program?

In simple terms, SaaS affiliate program is a marketing maneuver from brands, which is a partnership between two parties, where one promotes the product of another via referral in exchange for a commission. 

Mhojhos Research has reported that affiliate marketing has a market value of $17 billion as of 2022. And as per Google Trends, the keyword “affiliate marketing” has increased by more than 290% since 2015, proving its growth. 

These programs are also known for generating great revenue as eMarketer reported; affiliate marketing generated a whopping $6.4 billion in revenue in 2019 and accounts for 16% of worldwide e-commerce revenues (Fetch Profits).

Key Players In Affiliate Programs

So, now as you got some introduction to affiliate marketing programs and what does it mean about the market and scope of growth? Now, it’s time to understand the key players involved in affiliate marketing. 

Majorly there are 4 key players in affiliate marketing:

1. Affiliates

Affiliates can be individuals or businesses that promote the product or service through content like social posts, blogs, videos, and a number of other types of content. They provide the ultimate consumers with the affiliate marketing links provided by sellers.

2. Sellers

Sellers are the product or service creators that affiliates eventually promote. They are the ones who pay affiliate commissions for sales. Like affiliates, sellers can be anyone. They can be individuals or businesses, basically anyone willing and able to pay affiliates for sales.

3. Networks

Many sellers often opt to work with an affiliate network to manage their affiliate program. They have even use third-party apps that provide dashboards and details about earning of the affiliates, or sometimes, the network handles third-party checks and manages relationships between sellers and affiliates.

4. Consumers 

Consumers are the ones who buy products and services from affiliates through affiliate programs. They are ultimate users of the products and services produced by the sellers.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

As mentioned, affiliates get the commission through sales, which means if the consumers are purchasing products and services from affiliate links, the affiliates get the commission on that. There are 3 major ways to secure commissions.

  • Per Sale – Affiliates get paid for each sale they generate.
  • Per Click – Affiliates get paid for clicks generated, no matter whether or not the sale was complete.
  • Per Lead – Affiliate marketers get paid for the leads they generate.

High Paying Commission Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are ample tools in the market that have their own affiliate marketing programs that are known for providing great results and have high-paying commission plans. And for your ease, we have filtered some of the best from the lot. You can easily find these SaaS-based products and join their SaaS affiliate marketing program.

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is a prominent social media aggregator tool in the market. The tool helps users in collecting social media feed from 20+ platforms, allows them to curate and customize the feed, and assists in displaying them on website with ease.

Alongside easing the whole embedding process, the tool also has some useful features that make it easily sellable and add functionality. Brands nowadays look for tools that help them to enhance their online presence and boost their online recognition. With this tool, they can easily add that charm to their website, as they have the option to add images and videos from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and more. And they can even build their reputation in their market by opting to embed Google reviews on website, and exhibiting all the positive customer feedback.

The affiliate marketing program from this tool provides a recurring 30% commission on each sale affiliates make. It offers a 60-day cookie, making it one of the best programs. The tool provides dedicated affiliated ink, training, and other needs. To join the affiliate program, all you need to do is, sign up as an affiliate for the Tagembed, and you are good to go.

2. Freshdesk

Freskdesk is a cloud-based helpdesk system that is known for offering powerful solutions for customer service. With the help of this tool, customers can unify conversations via email, phone, web, chat, and social. 

We all know how important it is for businesses to build strong relationships with their customers. And for that, it is important to have a good communication network. With the help of this tool, businesses can establish that network and revert to their customers with ease.

It provides an amazing opportunity to earn commission through its affiliate marketing program. In their program, affiliates get paid $5 every time they bring in a lead and 15% of the deal value when the lead becomes a paying customer.

3. Moosend 

To stay connected with the customers and to keep them aware of the latest happing in the business, it is important to shoot them emails and provide them with the latest newsletters. Thanks to Moosend, users can now do it with ease.

With Moosend, customers can easily handle multiple email campaigns and mailing lists, as well as design and send striking, responsive newsletters created on the built-in campaign editor. It is a simple-to-use tool that helps in upgrading email marketing campaigns. It also has some amazing features that make this tool easily sellable and one of the best tool for businesses in today’s world. One of the tool’s best features is intelligent email automation and personalization tags.

It also works on the principle of recurring commission, as by joining its affiliate program, you can get a 30% recurring commission on successful referrals. The program offers a 120-day cookie and a unique referral link for tracking.

Important Steps to Join Affiliate Market

Joining an affiliate program can be one of the smartest decisions you can make in recent times. And it has the potential to help you in generating passive income. But to join any program you need to keep in mind the following steps:

  1. Find a niche
  2. Choose channel
  3. Choose the product you want to promote
  4. Join affiliate network
  5. Create content
  6. Generate traffic
  7. Earn commission

Summing it up

And there you have it. This was the mini guide of SaaS affiliate marketing for 2023. Joining the affiliate market not only helps you in earning more income but also helps you to understand more products, understand market needs and connect with more customers. While you get chance to earn commissions, businesses get the chance to get more sales and enhance their reach beyond their geographical and local boundaries. So it is win-win situation for all.

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