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Comparison of Top MP3 Players That Anyone Can Afford

by Robin Renford

A MP3 player is a handy portable device that enables people to listen to music on the move. You can download and store hundreds of your favorite songs on this small gadget. If you are looking to buy a MP3 player for your listening pleasure, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn about 5 trendy MP3 players that are creating a sensation across the world.

Apple iPod nano 16GB (7th Gen.) – Price $145


This market-leading MP3 player is by far the most expensive in our list. But it is worth the investment for its easy navigation, handy size, and noticeable improvements over previous models. You can use just one hand to operate all the features which is very convenient.

Users can play, pause and skip tracks using the center button at the side. One drawback however is the relatively cheap quality of the EarPods that are bundled with this device. The 7th Generation iPod Nano has a sleek design and can support Bluetooth which means you can sync the device with your Bluetooth headphones and speakers. The wonderful sound quality is a treat to the ears.

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB – Price $56


Joggers and runners will love the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB MP3 player because they can use the clip to attach the device to their clothing while training. The sound quality is superb and the gadget’s many features make it a steal for the price. Navigation is easy on this MP3 player which can store about 2,000 tracks.

You can use the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ to record music played on the in-built radio. This MP3 player offers commendable quality at a cheap price. It is a no-frills device that is ideal for gym and running addicts.

Sony Walkman 8GB – Price $95


You can trust Sony to make top quality portable music players. This gadget is another commendable product from the company’s stable, and stands out for its wonderful sound quality. The video quality is also stunning, and you can transfer files of various formats without any problem.

The battery charges fast and lasts a long while. The unit, however, does not play audio books which is a disadvantage. The overall functionality and quality of the product is quite good for its price. The Sony Walkman GB is recommended for its easy usability and brilliant sound quality.

Phillips GoGear Vibe 8GB – Price $75


This gadget is a basic MP3 player that ably does the required task of playing MP3 tunes and tracks. The sound quality is crisp with ample volume. But the standard of the headphones could do with some improvement. Another drawback is the incompatibility of the device with Windows 8.

You can play videos as well as audio books on this rather small device. This stable MP3 player can be a great partner while working out. The design is great and offers easy navigation through the stored music files. The Philips GoGear Vibe offers commendable overall quality for its affordable price.

Transcend 8GB MP3 – Price $85


The Transcend 8GB MP3 is a versatile gadget that can play FM radio, audio books, MPG4 videos as well as music files in a range of formats. The design is sleek and smooth. Navigation is simple thanks to the user-friendly interface.

The Transcend 8GB MP3 player matches Sony products in sound quality. It flaunts a limited external speaker. The video clarity is great because of the high screen resolution. The slightly high price is worth it for the device’s range of features and presentation. You can buy this gadget for its performance and reliability.

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