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Top 10 Mentimeter Alternatives & Competitors: Best Similar Collaboration Software

by Arthur Zuckerman

Unproductive meetings are the bane of organizations, as typical office meetings take a significant amount of time but do not result in a proportionate amount of productivity. Participation is limited to attendance and listening to the dominant presenter, there is no common view of the presentation, and the direction of the meeting lies in the louder voice.

With the introduction of collaboration software like Mentimeter, an alternative to traditional meetings became viable. With collaboration, not only does audience participation increase dramatically, but opinions also get counted and tabulated with the rest. Plus, the best part of collaboration software is that meetings can now be held virtually, with each participant only needing to log on and have a device ready.

Issues with Mentimeter

While Mentimeter may have a good market share of the collaboration software market, it is not immune to the usual issues associated with SaaS products: connectivity, storage limitations, monthly costs, etc. As such, you may need to consider Mentimeter alternatives, as your collaboration needs may extend outside the presentation arena, and would require additional features that can further engage your team.

If for some reason, Mentimeter does not fit your requirements or lack some features that you need, here are ten Mentimeter alternatives that might:

List of top Mentimeter alternatives

1. is the first of our Mentimeter alternatives. It helps your company streamline collaboration by putting all the information out there and tracks individual and team progress. Its well-organized and intuitive interface helps users hurdle through everyday tasks, and there are no shortages of reminders for important milestones on your social media accounts.

Its relative ease-of-use requires no technical background, but to be on the safe side, support provides a slew of training videos and how-to-guides that are easily accessible and understandable. offers a free 14-day trial for evaluation and four pricing plans, consisting of $39/month for basic,  $49/month for standard, $79/month for Pro, and a custom quote for enterprise plans.

2. Prezi

Prezi takes presentation making to the next level with the elimination of slides and the introduction of the single, dynamic canvas. Each element can be controlled and adjusted exactly the way you want it, including the sequencing or emphasis. It also provides dynamic templates to help you get started.

As Prezi is a cloud-based software, you can share and collaborate on presentations anytime, and anywhere. For those who insist on securing a copy of their presentation, the desktop app can ensure you can still present offline.

Prezi offers a free 14-day trial of its software. Pricing plans range from Basic (free and $15/moth for the pro version), Individual (starts at $5/month, with options at $15/month for experts),  Educ ($5/month upon proof of education usage), and Business (starts at $15/month for individuals, comes for $24 for the professional version, and requires custom quotes for the team edition).


Prezi is known for its dynamic canvas.

3. Xoxoday

Xoxoday Empuls is a software that manages collaboration, motivation, empowerment, and alignment for companies. Empuls handles employee conversation that features transparency and promotes connections. Feeds, announcements, and notifications ensure that all participants are looped in all the time.

Employee empowerment and motivation are also given emphasis, as the software encourages feedback that includes polls, surveys, anonymous feedback, and suggestions. Aspirational motivation and recognition help give credit where it is due.

Xoxoday Empuls is available in two plans: Small to Medium business users can avail of the software from $3 to $5/user/month, while Enterprise plans are sold by quote. 

4. Onsemble

Passageways Onsemble is an intranet solution for companies that help enhance collaboration and communication among workers. Employee profiles can be easily created, as well as blogs that can share valuable management insights with fellow workers. This can also serve as a repository of files and documents shared among employees, including project updates and milestones.

Besides being a powerful communication software, Onsemble can handle sales management, project management, referral management, visitor management, timesheets, and invoice management. It works via simple drag-and-drop operation, and requires absolutely no programming skills, and allows for document co-authoring. Onboarding new employees, while updating current ones, becomes much easier, both for authors and readers.

Passageway Onsemble offers a free trial upon registration. Price available upon request.


Passageway Onsemble has a more technical ring to it than most presentation software on our list.

5. Noodle Intranet

Noodle Intranet is an all-in-one intranet portal for businesses. This collaboration and social internet system gives companies the venue for sharing project details, files, schedules, and updates within a single platform.

Noodle Intranet features 14 system and 15 user apps out of the box to get you started. Files can be stored from the cloud or on your local server.

Noodle Intranet is available in three plans: Small Business is available for $150/monthly for up to 25 users, Corporate comes for $500/month for up to 100 users, and Enterprise sets you back $750/month for up to 250 users. All plans are cloud-based.

6. Crrux

Crrux is a collaboration software that enables your teams to connect and focus on tasks at hand. Crrux’s project management is based on the Kanban system that uses task cards. Use filters to view tasks based on priority, status, or assigned employees.

You can view the status of tasks via the metrics dashboard on the projects page. The complete information helps companies plan better and work around delays. This secure system lets both registered and unregistered members work together.

Crrux’s individual plans are free of charge, while the Business edition costs $7/month per user. Enterprise plans are subject to custom pricing upon request.

7. iDeals Virtual Data Rooms

iDeals Virtual Data Rooms contains 100+ features designed exclusively for secure document sharing and enterprise collaboration. It comes with an easy to use and intuitive interface that does not require training.

iDeals VDR is certified for over 100 controls, including ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliance. Security comes in the form of 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit keys that provide a safe environment during processes. Data is mirrored in multiple data centers to ensure that the files remain intact even during emergencies.

The software comes in 3 plans: The Basic plan is $175/month with a 500MB limit, while Pro (10GB) and Business (no limit) require custom pricing.

8. Capptions

Capptions is a fully-customized management system that can be set up easily. It promotes a paperless environment by using mobile forms with automated processes. Capptions also include a powerful template builder, where you can add multiple question types, date & time stamp, media, annotation, QR & NFC codes, and electronic signatures.

Data can be captured into the system via text barcode, QRcode, multimedia, and other formats. You can also collect custom forms or Micro-apps.

Capptions can be availed in four pricing plans: Free for up to 3 Capptions/user, Standard for 10/Capption/user and $13.68/month with a $570 one time setup fee, Business for 20 Capptions/user at $18.24/month and a setup fee of $855, and Enterprise, which requires custom pricing.

9. Forms on Fire

Forms On Fire is a cloud-based program that features a forms automation solution that streamlines data collection and workflow management. It helps digitize forms and reduces the need for manual entry and the inefficiencies that go with it.

Forms on Fire features an intuitive and easy to use interface, not only for individual users but also for businesses to support. Common actions like swiping, scrolling, and tapping figure prominently in the operations to capture and organize data and adapt to new forms and workflows.

Forms on Fire is available via three plans: Standard ($20/monthly per user) Premium ($28/monthly per user) and Enterprise ($36/monthly per user). A 14-day free trial is also available for evaluation.

10. Fluix

The last of our Mentimeter alternatives, Fluix is a cloud productivity software solution that offers enterprise-grade security and automation to business processes. Through automation, Fluix software speeds up processing and reduces cycle times, hassle, and confusion.

Especially in the field, the software replaces paper-based reports and forms with a single app on the iPad. This allows your team to operate more efficiently while giving you the ability to quickly distribute the latest versions of materials to your teams.

Fluix is available in three plans–the Starter plan ($20/monthly/user at minimum 10 users), Core plans charge $30/monthly/user with minimum 10 users), and the Advanced plan at $50/user/month. A 14-day free trial is available for the Starter and Core plans.

Which Mentimeter alternatives should you consider?

Collaboration software can take on many forms and may have bells and whistles that you may or may not need. It’s foremost important to determine what your exact needs and specifications are for collaboration software, so you can pinpoint which alternative fits your requirements. Do you need interactive presentations you can share, or do you prefer collaboration that includes sharing tasks?

With all the free stuff offered by competitors, take the time to test your prospective software choices and take it for a spin. From the trial versions, you can probably determine which one feels right, and which one delivers what you need. With an informed choice from testing, you are also guaranteed an informed purchase.

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