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Top 10 WalkMe Alternatives & Competitors: Best Similar Customer Experience Management Software

by Arthur Zuckerman

Customer engagement is often treated as the sole domain of the sales department or sometimes the marketing team. However, with internet accessibility and the use of digital channels, it is now becoming easier to connect with your customers.

As such, services like WalkMe not only allow you to improve your customer relationship but also help you create a much better client experience. You can develop personalized campaigns for different segments of your customers. If you have a relatively small pool of clients, having such tools will allow you to focus on nurturing your relationship with them without wasting too much time and effort on repetitive tasks. It is a perfect choice in your list of customer support software.

However, WalkMe is a full-suite digital platform, which means it includes enterprise-level features that may not be relevant to your operations yet. Thus, you may end up paying for functionalities that you will not use.

In this article, we explored WalkMe alternatives that focus on customer engagement and relationship management. In this way, you can focus on creating a better customer journey that will boost your sales.

Overview of WalkMe

WalkMe is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that aims to make it effortless to use any type of program, website, or app. It analyzes and automates your processes so your users can complete tasks through your products and services easily. Combined with proactive and step-by-step guidance, it allows your customers, staff members, and other stakeholders to have a better experience when using your product.

The platform combines powerful features and tools that can be summarized into five functionalities:

  1. Insights – dig deep into your customers’ journey by collecting and analyzing usage data to help you make data-driven decisions and improvements.
  2. Guidance – the in-app and cross-app step-by-step guidance placed strategically in your product will drive user action even in complex workflows.
  3. Engagement – the platform allows you to proactively participate in user engagement. You can create a better user experience by providing personalized guidance.
  4. Automation – minimize the number of clicks that your users need to do by automating steps within and across your applications. 
  5. DAP Center – view all user activities and adoption metrics all in one place so you can enhance digital transformation and product improvement.
WalkMe dashboard

WalkMe lets you create better user experiences with step-by-step guides and automated processes.

Is WalkMe Right for Your Product?

While WalkMe was created for apps or digital products, it can also be used to increase customer engagement on your website. The Digital Adoption Platform will allow you to focus on creating human-centered applications or portals. When you compare call center software with DAP, you will see a distinct benefit. The latter focuses on self-service support that takes a load off your customer care services.

Furthermore, a part of its services is collecting user adoption and action data. However, WalkMe is a complete DAP, which means it comes with a set of powerful features that may not be relevant to your product, especially if you still have a relatively small customer base.

Worry not. We have 10 WalkMe alternatives below if you want to focus on enhancing your customer relationship and engagement.

WalkMe Alternatives

1. Unblu

Unblu aims to help financial institutions improve their digital experience through efficient customer experience management. Financial institutions, such as banks and insurance entities, can boost their revenue and productivity using this powerful program. They can also minimize expenses through digital customer relationships. This business solution allows support agents to have better engagement with clients through your website or mobile application. Your team can easily connect with potential customers and improve your relationship with existing clients using the following features:

  • Offline forms
  • Agent list organization
  • Real-time chat
  • Video chat
  • Privacy mode
  • Embedded co-browser
  • Customization and request filtering

These features are available for most platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and others. You can access all tools and reports through the built-in dashboard. It is easy to see all your engagements and find opportunities to further improve your customer relations. Unblu is available in two price point: Performance and Enterprise

2. Appcues

Appcues is another WalkMe alternative that improves the onboarding process of new customers. This customer experience management (CEM) software enhances customer engagement by creating a personalized and smooth workflow. You can create user-friendly walkthroughs, product tours, and even in-app messages to welcome your clients. 

You can easily set-up Appcues using the included point-and-click editor. The no-code solution allows you to create custom client messages without the steep learning curve. Additionally, the company aims to provide a low cost and scalable solution for business of any size and type. 

Aside from tools that improve customer engagement, Appcues also provide testing tools so you can further improve your application’s performance. It includes the following features right out of the box:

  • Unlimited flows
  • Flow analytics
  • Personalization and customization
  • Audience targeting
  • Advanced user permission

Appcues offers three pricing packages: Essentials, Growth, and Enterprise. Basic features start at $249 a month, which include three branded themes, analytics integrations, and email support.

3. Getfeedback

Getfeedback underlines the importance of gathering feedback from your users. Customer assessment is a valuable tool to improve products and services. The business solution allows you to collect millions of feedback and connect with customers, staff members, business partners, and other stakeholders. 

Moreover, Getfeedback helps you take advantage of various communication channels, such as email, social media, and websites, to disseminate survey forms. The collected responses are analyzed to reach a sizeable sample size to create a credible source of information. Also, you can use this platform to quickly design and develop survey forms. You can also share and collect responses in just a few clicks. 

You can try Getfeedback’s service for free. The vendor offers three pricing packages: Professional, Advanced, and Corporate. Prices start at $50 per month.

4. Glia

If you are looking to deliver a highly personalized customer experience, then Glia, formerly known as SaleMove, is a great customer engagement software to try out. Using its one-of-a-kind user platform, you can identify potential customers. Its personalized human interaction allows you to develop leads and turn them into regular customers.

The business solution also includes a set of comprehensive tools that can identify, engage, and communicate with customers online. With these, your team can develop campaigns with higher-touch engagements, enhanced customer support, and better customer success. It makes it easy to take advantage of various communication channels, such as video, audio, SMS, and live chat, to stay connected with your clients. Glia also includes the following core features:

  • OneChannel
  • CoBrowsing
  • AI Management
  • Video Chat
  • Messaging
  • SMS Gateway
  • Customer Success
  • Gila Security

Glia provides a custom solution for your customer engagement needs. You will need to book a demo so their experts can guide you through the features that you need and the relevant pricing.

5. Store Vantage

Store Vantage ensures that appointment-based businesses are not left in the dust in terms of customer engagement. The company knows that customer engagement is important to such companies to confirm online bookings, maintain customer profiles, and send event reminders. Using the platform, you can encourage your existing clients to make referrals and write reviews that will allow you to improve your services. Your customers can easily reserve bookings without having to call in. 

The application is composed of three core parts: CRM system, online scheduling, and reservation platform. These modules work seamlessly together to deliver a high-quality customer experience. You can access the following features all in one place:

  • Online Scheduling
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Outreach
  • Online Calendar
  • Staff Management
  • Automatic Appointment Reminder
  • Customer Profiles
  • Customer Feedback

Store Vantage offers flexible pricing packages based on the number of your customers. If you have 250 customers or less, your prices start at $39 per month. You can even save 20% by pre-paying for 12 months of service.

Store Vantage dashboard

Increase bookings and appointments with Store Vantage dashboard

6. Amity

Amity is a flexible solution designed to provide all your customer success and management needs. Using the platform, you can gain a better understanding of your audience, predict trends and behaviors, and identify opportunities to improve your sales, marketing, and customer relations. It also helps you gain valuable customer insights that you can use to create strategies. Additionally, you can enhance customer loyalty, attract new customers, and boost sales growth.

Moreover, the platform organizes customer data, which you can further improve with custom views. You can easily see customer engagement with email sync, tracking, and even support tickets. For existing clients, you can monitor relationship health and set-up notifications. This means you can maximize all opportunities, and no customers will fall through the cracks.

To top it all off, Amity integrates with a wide variety of business applications. You can seamlessly connect with accounting, CRM, data warehousing, marketing, support, and other apps. The company provides a personalized solution based on your goals and needs. Hence, you will need to schedule a demonstration for a better understanding of the features and customized pricing.

7. Rize 

Previously known as uReview Me, Rize is a done-for-you service that allows you to effectively collect feedback from clients. You can easily track and publish reviews all in one platform. It is one of the most popular reputation management applications around, which can boost your brand image. Additionally, you can integrate Rize when you are marketing your products and services. The platform is available in most devices, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The company makes it easy to reach your customers. First, provide a list of your customers and their relevant contact information. Then, Rize will take care of setting up customer engagement. That includes gathering and organizing all of your reviews. The experts in the company will politely reach out to your clients using custom emails with your branding. 

Furthermore, the business solution integrates with more than 150 review sites. You can also use the built-in website widget, text message campaigns, and automatic emails to engage your customers. That means it is easy to monitor all relevant reviews all in one place. Rize offers a 2-week trial so you can collect up to 50 new positive reviews.

8. Contactually

Contactually is one of the leading CRM systems for real estate professionals. This smart platform promises to turn customer relationships into actionable results. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to monitor and manage all communication activities with your customers. It is perfect for small and medium-sized operations that want to maintain a close relationship with their clients, contractors, and suppliers. Freelancers can also take advantage of its features to create solid communication lines with their multiple clients.

With Contactually, you can easily import contacts that you can categorize for better organization. It also comes with templates, so you do not have to start from scratch. If you are working with a team, your members can share contacts even if they have different roles. They will also have access to advanced features, such as segmentation, targeting, and a library of customer nurturing content.

With just one click, you can sync your email accounts, phone, and the rest of your communication history. Contactually will import all your contacts so you can manage your engagement in one place. Once the contacts are on the platform, you can easily see which clients are worth engaging. You can use custom templates and automated personal messages for a more efficient campaign.

9. Swift 

Swift is a real-time SMS and web polling software that makes it easy for you to reach your customers. It features a user-friendly web platform that allows organizations of any size to develop and distribute polls and surveys through text and other channels. The real-time results are perfect for presentations, focus group discussions, and other customer engagement activities. 

Whether you are in a live event or online, you can easily create a poll and excite your audience with SMS and web polling methods. Then, the interactive real-time results can be integrated with Microsoft Powerpoint. That means you can seamlessly gather comments and opinions from your audience in just a few minutes. 

Swift comes with a Free plan for 150 or fewer responses per month. But, if you are looking to reach a bigger audience, you can take advantage of the Basic, Pro, or Conference plans, which start at $15 per month (billed annually). They also offer a one-time use and even discounted packages for those in the academe.

Swift dashboard

Take real-time feedback using Swift interactive polling

10. NICE Satmetrix 

NICE Satmetrix is another customer experience management application that allows you to develop a unique customer journey. This easy-to-understand platform promises to deliver valuable insights that you can use to create data-driven campaigns. The system collects and integrates customer experience data to deliver automated analytics and reporting. 

It includes modern and advanced tools that will allow you to accurately gauge your customers’ overall experience and satisfaction. Having these data all in one place will give you a unified and comprehensive view of the entire customer journey. As such, you can dig deeper using the automatically generated analytics and reports using well-tested algorithms and AI. NICE Satmetrix comes with Agile CEM tools so you can focus on developing your next campaigns. 

You will need to request a demonstration so you can see all of its features in action. The vendor creates custom solutions based on your unique needs. As such, pricing will also depend on your targets and goals.

Which WalkMe Alternative Fits Your Business?

While the WalkMe alternatives above focus on customer engagement management, they differ in available services, features, and functionalities. You can begin by assessing your goals and targets. This will help you choose the solution that best matches your needs. It is especially important to ensure that you are maximizing your budget while increasing your potential revenue.

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