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TreoDAM Review

starting price 190 EUR
our score 8.0%
free trial
  1. What is TreoDAM
  2. Product Quality Score
  3. Main Features
  4. List of Benefits
  5. Awards Section
  6. Technical Specifications
  7. Available Integrations
  8. Customer Support
  9. Pricing Plans
  10. Other Popular Software Reviews

What is TreoDAM?

TreoDAM is a cloud-based freemium DAM software that can seamlessly organize and centralize all digital assets in one hub. It’s ideal for content creators, producers, retailers, brands, marketing agencies, and advertising agencies. It’s an open-source DAM software that can be accessed for free. TreoDAM mainly functions as a centralized platform for the organized and modern storage of videos, images, audio files, and all forms of digital assets. Through its intelligently designed digital asset management system, all files can be duly accessed anytime and anywhere via a highly secured platform. It allows for the mass upload, file tagging, categorizing, and multiple conversion. It’s highly advanced as its conversion tools can be programmed and automated. TreoDAM integrates with TreoPIM and other third-party apps via an open API. Its exclusive tools and features are available in the market for as low as 190 EUR/month.

Product Quality Score

Ease of use
Customer support
Value for money

TreoDAM features

Main features of TreoDAM are:

  • Central Asset Repository
  • Previews
  • Search
  • Downloads
  • Data Storage
  • Mass Upload
  • Integrations
  • Metadata Compatibility
  • Conversion

TreoDAM Benefits


The main benefits of TreoDAM are value for money, high level of security, accelerated workflow and scalability. Here are the specific advantages that users can expect from TreoDAM:

Value for Money

TreoDAM is a freemium software. Businesses can make use of its prime features at absolutely no cost. This is extremely beneficial for startups that are looking to fully utilize and control their financial resources. It’s also an open-source software with a GPLv3 license.

High Level of Security

TreoDAM provides advanced security tools. It allows users to tailor access per personnel. It has a specialized feature that records all access, downloads, uploads, and conversions. Users can be certain that all accessible data are highly secured and monitored by the minute.

Accelerated Workflow

TreoDAM incorporates a Symfony Workflow system for the automation of programmed workflows. This significantly improves productivity as all gaps and lags are prevented and avoided. One task automatically leads to the next. A central calendar keeps everything in place. All submissions and uploads are tracked and verified in real-time.


TreoDAM functionalities can be easily customized to adjust to special business needs. All its data models are customizable and open for edits. Its taxonomies can be freely programmed for different asset tags and categories.

Awards Section

Great User Experience Award
Rising Star 2019 Award
In our TreoDAM reviews the software has been distinguished with our:
- Great User Experience Award
- Rising Star of 2019 Award

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Support Types

  • Phone
  • Online

TreoDAM Integrations

The following TreoDAM integrations are currently offered by the vendor:

  • TreoPIM

Customer Support


Pricing Plans

TreoDAM pricing is available in the following plans:

Free trial
Basic Support
190 EUR
Premium Support
290 EUR
Enterprise Support
390 EUR