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Top 8 SimilarWeb Pro Alternatives & Competitors: Best Similar SEO Software

by Arthur Zuckerman

In the digital age, it is more than likely that you spend a great deal of time wondering how your competition is able to attract more traffic than you do, and you still end up clueless about the whole thing. In this case, SimilarWeb Pro can let you in on your rivals’ secret weapon.

SimilarWeb Pro is an excellent SEO tool for helping businesses make the most of their digital marketing efforts. It provides much-needed help in gaining insights on how to improve your website’s credibility, enhance user engagement, and boost your marketing campaigns.

In fact, this solution enables businesses to acquire, see, and derive insight into what their competition is doing to gain authority and favorable rankings and, well, be at the top in your own circle.

An Overview of SimilarWeb Pro

SimilarWeb Pro is one of the leading SEO platforms. Known for its web metrics measurement and its cutting-edge online intelligence, it helps businesses keep an eye on their website traffic, track opportunities, and reach a wider range of target audience.

The platform uses its international online panel to provide you with comprehensive traffic statistics for all of your websites. It offers a wide array of website analytics tools that lets you in on the traffic acquisition strategies of your website’s competitors.

Aside from enterprises, SimilarWeb Pro is also used by marketers, publishers, and data analysts. It allows you to compare traffic metrics of two or more websites, which in turn helps you identify successful content and discover new growth opportunities.

SimilarWeb Pro’s strong suit lies in its ability to reveal your competitor’s ad networks and placement strategy. By knowing where your competitors are placing their ads, you can come up with more effective ad strategies and maintain a cost-effective ad spending.

Another great thing about SimilarWeb Pro is that it offers a free plan for startup users, as well as a quote-based pricing plan, which means you can request for a tailor-made plan that covers your specific needs.

Reasons to Look for SimilarWeb Pro Alternatives

SimilarWeb Pro helps you identify what links, ads platform, traffic sources, keywords, and SEO strategies other brands are implementing. These strategies could potentially damage your search rankings, and you will risk getting left behind by top competitors. Hence, the more you know about other brand’s digital marketing strategies, the better your chances are of occupying the higher ground.

In our website builder software analysis, we tackled how companies often use custom-branded websites to establish a powerful online presence. For SEO-related needs, though, many businesses across the world depend on SimilarWeb Pro.

Even with all the essential tools that SimilarWeb Pro bring to the table for businesses, it might not as be flawless of a platform as what the vendor makes it seem so.

There are a number of reasons to consider SimilarWeb Pro alternatives. You may want a cheaper digital marketing solution, or you will simply do better with a SimilarWeb Pro alternative for your business needs.

Below, we listed down several SimilarWeb Pro alternatives to help you migrate or invest on the most ideal solution for your unique needs.

Top SimilarWeb Pro Alternatives

The software products in this list of SimilarWeb Pro alternatives are arranged randomly, following no specific ranking or order. Still, all of these solutions are among the best among SEO platforms in the market today, and likely for the coming years. They also share some unique features and target markets, but at the same time, they differ in many aspects, especially in their respective USPs. So here are the top SimilarWeb Pro alternatives:

1. Alexa

Alexa is a keyword research tool that helps webmasters and online marketers in finding sites that have desirable web ranking. It’s an intelligence tool that offers traffic analytics to help you understand how to become more influential and authoritative in your digital marketing efforts.

If you are looking for an intelligence-gathering software that can dig deeper into your data and can compare similar websites on a global scale, then you may want to add Alexa into your arsenal of marketing tools. It provides insights into both paid and organic keyword data/reports.

In addition, Alexa lets you see other brands’advertising methods and capture their regional rankings, search data, and social channel exposure and influence.

However, all these data can easily become overwhelming to you if there’s nothing to help you organize them and put them in an organized context. In this case, Alexa helps by organizing and displaying data on easy-to-understand graphs and charts. This way, you can easily grasp the insights brought by the captured data, allowing you to take immediate action for growing your traffic.

2. Moz Local

Moz Local is an online data management tool that has earned its place in the industry. Considering its simple, easy-to-use interface and cutthroat SEO tools, it’s one of the best SimilarWeb Pro alternatives out there.

From the start, users get an interface that they can be comfortable with. They will applaud its syncing capabilities, which means you only need to input all pertinent business details on one platform and the system automatically does the rest.

Compared to Alexa, Moz Local’s paid packages are ones that many could afford. This makes it the ideal solution for small businesses. Startups can run it without the risk of losing a great amount of money for basic SEO tools, such as keyword research, backlink research, SEO audit, and rank tracking.

Moreover, Moz Local helps you analyze multiple websites simultaneously. It saves you boatloads of time and ensures that you won’t miss out on the hottest ways of doing things that you need to act on.

3. Ahrefs

If what you need is a comprehensive backlink tool, Ahrefs is an excellent solution with a backlinking analysis module. It helps you locate the referred traffic sources and see just links that generate the most number of clicks.

Another outstanding feature of Ahrefs is its batch analysis feature, which allows you to analyze multiple backlinks in use by your competitor. Instead of inputting one backlink at a time, this solution allows you to batch-process backlinks and provides you with a detailed comparison, analysis, and workable ideas regarding other brands’ backlinking strategies.

With Ahrefs, you can learn about the link-building and SEO strategies that your competitors are using. Insights and analytics from the platform can ultimately boost your marketing results impressively.

Ahref dashboard

Ahrefs’ backlinking analysis toolset empowers you to filter and find referred domains, that is, traffic sources.

4. SEMrush

SEMrush is a digital marketing solution that reveals the rankings, site authority, rankings, advertising strategies, and social media exposure of relevant brands. The platform displays all these chunks of information in digestible, actionable clarity, allowing you to easily comprehend results and foster your own online marketing campaigns.

SEMrush is an excellent marketing suite that provides marketing professionals and businesses with SEO, PPC, marketing, and PR tools. One of its most important benefits is how it lets you in on your competition’s social media marketing strategies. It helps you create more effective campaigns and improves your online marketing efforts.

In addition, SEMrush provides valuable insights into how your site is doing SEO-wise. It gives you a complete overview of your target market and helps you engage with high-quality leads. It even allows you to keep track of trending topics for better audience engagement. 

SEMrush dashboard

You can use SEMrush to create more efficient campaigns or even improve their current online marketing efforts.

5. SpyFu

SpyFu is a cloud-hosted solution that offers the search marketing secret formula needed to succeed in online marketing campaigns. At a reasonable price, SpyFu gives you a complete list of the most profitable keywords and ads for those search results used by your competitors.

SpyFu levels the playing field for small businesses competing against industry leaders on the web. It uses cutting-edge SEO and PPC technology to guarantee a more successful online marketing strategy. For instance, it lets you search for any domain and then see every place they come up on Google.

SpyFu also allows you to see your competitors’ keywords, organic rank, and ad variation. By knowing how other brands are doing on the web, you can come up with effective marketing strategies for your ecommerce business. To learn more, refer to this guide about ecommerce software.

6. Conductor

Conductor is also another digital platform that can be a great alternative to SimilarWeb Pro. Both solutions perform well when it comes to organic marketing and SEO analysis. 

Partnered with Deepcrawl, Conductor allows you to collect actionable intelligence from your top website competitors. It arms your site with technical SEO best practices and content SEO techniques. This way, you can apply the most impactful keywords and key phrases in your digital marketing strategies.

You’ll also appreciate Conductor’s support team that assists you in setting up your account. They also offer content creation ideas and optimization strategies for your inbound marketing campaigns.

7. BuiltWith

BuiltWith combines SEO and business intelligence features in one powerful solution, answering a number of ranking, content, and traffic questions that often brings you a headache. It allows you to see which metrics your competitors are tracking, as well as which content management systems they are currently using. This helps you improve your marketing efforts and gain insights into where you can increase your campaign penetration.

BuiltWith offers a Chrome plugin, which lets you acquire marketing tags, domain power, content management, ranking, and traffic that needs sorting. This plug-in works fast and is easy to use⁠—all you need to do is enable it on your browser.

8. Quantcast

Quantcast is a good choice if you’re looking for a solution that leverages machine learning and AI in gathering real-time website insightsPerfect for site owners, publishers, agencies, and marketers, the platform provides accurate data about target audiences.

Moreover, Quantcast helps you discover new customers, enhance your sales performance, and drive incremental growth for your business. It has transparent measurement tools that bring you clear and accurate data about your traffic analysis and web visitors. With it, you can easily find out the lifestyle, demographics, and behavior of your customers. This helps you create more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

What is the Best SimilarWeb Pro Alternative?

All these SimilarWeb Pro alternatives offer impressive SEO and digital marketing tools, so it’s a tricky challenge to choose the best one out of them. Whichever one you pick, though, you can rely on it to help you get a good grasp of how your own website stacks up against the competition.

Consider also each platform’s features and pricing plans. No two businesses are alike, so it follows that these SaaS solutions may have different offerings for each specific business. Take note of the key features you’ll need and do a thorough investigation of what each software has to offer.

You may also want check this comprehensive guide to marketing software.

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