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H2O Driverless AI Review

H2O Driverless AI OUR SCORE 87%
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our score 87%
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  1. What is H2O Driverless AI
  2. Product Quality Score
  3. Main Features
  4. List of Benefits
  5. Technical Specifications
  6. Available Integrations
  7. Customer Support
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What is H2O Driverless AI?

H2O Driverless AI is a platform designed for training and building machine learning models that do not require a pro level of expertise from its users. This solution is also for corporate users who calibrate various parameters, prepare data, and define algorithms to optimize problem-solving. Dealing with the complexities of a huge amount of data is made easier with the help of this platform, as it facilitates in the automation of a big portion of machine learning processes. and results in time and cost reduction. This is achieved by allowing even the users with less experience in data science to train and create models in a short time.

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H2O Driverless AI features

Main features of H2O Driverless AI are:

  • Automatic feature engineering
  • GPU Acceleration
  • XGBoost
  • Multi-GPU
  • LOCO
  • Interpretability for debugging
  • Partial dependence
  • Reason codes
  • GLM
  • Predictive analysis
  • Automatic machine learning
  • Kmeans
  • K-lime
  • Built-in use-cases
  • AlphaGo for AI

H2O Driverless AI Benefits


The main benefits of H2O Driverless AI are its efficient automation, customizations, and user-friendly. Here are the details:

Efficient automation
With the system’s GPU acceleration support, H2O Driverless AI is a quick performing automation platform that provides speedups up to 40x while still maintaining accuracy in its results. For a more efficient drive usage, the system can run thousands of alterations thanks to its capability to support Multi-GPUs, GLM, XGBoost, Kmeans, and more. Through automated feature engineering, AlphaGo for AI raises the accuracy of the program. This automation platform is also equipped with different use-cases that the users can reconfigure to cope with particular situations that they are currently handling. H2O Driverless AI understands that different businesses have unique requirements, which is why the program facilitates in finding and customizing the right kind of models that would be relevant for each.

One of the aims of the program is to allow companies to take advantage of data science and AI without the need for employing a staff whose sole work is to oversee the processes in this field. Employing H2O Driverless AI’s service would allow the automation of a big chunk of workflows, which would mean reduced expenses for the company.

This platform has features referred to as the interpretability tools that give users the ability to acquire, model in English, and debug reason codes. These features also support partial dependence, K-Line, LOCO, and more. Many facets of machine learning models, feature engineering, for instance, can be physically automated by the users through this platform.

H2O Driverless AI claims to be a more user-friendly automation platform compared to many of the other solutions in the market because it would like to alter the perception that machine learning and AI are only for data scientist and experts of the same field. They plan to accomplish this by allowing ordinary users to learn and utilize this technology as well.

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Support Types

  • Phone
  • Online

H2O Driverless AI Integrations

The following H2O Driverless AI integrations are currently offered by the vendor:

Information available from the support team.


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Pricing Plans

H2O Driverless AI pricing is available in the following plans:

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