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13 Ways You Can Reduce Distraction While Working Remotely

by Arthur Zuckerman

As a remote employee, you may observe a big difference between how you anticipate your days and how they go. Remote working has become the norm. Before the pandemic, only a few employees worked from home, but following the 2019 COVID outbreak, all businesses were required to implement remote work to maintain business growth. Some employees have started their remote work without any previous experience. But once they adopt working from home, they understand the benefits and advantages of remote work.

With so many advantages of remote working, you may face several difficulties while remote working. Distractions, loneliness and isolation, communication challenges, mental and physical tiredness, maintaining trust, and many more are examples. If you do not address these difficulties, they may harm your personal and professional life.

Let us discuss 13 valuable tricks and tips by which you can manage distraction while working remotely and make yourself more engaged with work. 

Ways To Reduce Distractions While Working Remotely

1. Identification of Your Distraction Areas

We are all aware that workplace distractions have a detrimental effect on performance and productivity. Internal and external distractions are also possible, so begin by looking inside. If you’re all over the place, you should ask yourself what’s happening. You must identify your distraction while working from home. 

Otherwise, without identifying your problem, you won’t be able to solve them. Every day, we are all surrounded by distractions. They reduce our productivity and raise our level of stress. 

2. Set Boundaries 

If you work in an office, you will have your own office space and will be able to work in a distraction-free environment. However, if you work from home and do not create a boundary while working, you will be surrounded by several distractions. You may have children, family members, and even a delivery person could cause waste your valuable working time.

Set up a separate space in your house to serve as an office. This does not have to be your typical home office setup, but you can use a closet that may be converted into an office. You can use a partition in your bedroom and make an office space.

3. Make a Proper Schedule

A proper schedule is about half of your work done. Developing a work-from-home plan provides remote workers with the finest opportunities for professional advancement. Working from home provides you with more flexibility than in-office work. For everyone, there is no consistent perfect schedule. 

So you must identify when you will be able to work with more productivity and efficiency. Establishing a daily framework provides structure to your workday so that you are not aimlessly jumping between tasks. You must schedule your work with priorities. There may be multiple tasks in your workweek, but you must focus on prioritization and time management by creating a schedule and establishing priorities for completing them. Unless you arrange and prioritize your tasks, you will find yourself in a difficult spot.

4. Do Not Disturb Mode 

Unlike your iPhone or Android, you can use a “Do Not Disturb” mode while working remotely. When working from home, you may face a variety of distractions, such as unforeseen duties, unwanted phone calls, and the noise of your children. 

When attending an emergency meeting with clients or managers, you do not want your pet to be a distraction during the conference. You need to keep yourself away from all those distractions, so the best way is to switch on do not disturb mode while attending the important session.

5. Meal Management

When working from home or any remote place, you must ensure proper meal facilities. Remember one thing your health is the key factor in your work success. But as you are working from your home, you are probably responsible for preparing meals for your family members. 

So it would be best if you managed time to prepare that food and feed your children. As an in-house employee, you will have a lunch break or tea break in the office, but while working from home, you need to sort out those times utilized for lunch or snack breaks.

6. Track Your Activity 

This is the most important advice for a remote worker or employee who works from home. There is no one to observe or monitor your work when working from home. You may wear your most comfortable pants and T-shirt while enjoying a cup of coffee and a breath of fresh air next to a garden. What a combination!!

Yes, it is possible to get distracted by listening to music, browsing social media, watching humorous YouTube videos, etc. The best option in this situation is to use a time tracker with screenshots. Through a time tracking software, you’ll be able to monitor your activity log, websites you’ve visited, and time spent on each site; take a screenshot every ten minutes to remind you later that you were on this site; monitor the time you spend on projects; and view your daily, weekly, and monthly timesheets.

7. Be In Proper Attire 

When you are in your house, you are the king! You have the flexibility to wear a dress according to your wish. You can choose the best comfy dress while working from home. But keep in mind that you need to attend several official meetings over zoom, skype or google meet.

In those places, you should present yourself in a befitting manner. Sometimes being in the casual dress may cause a factor of not concentrating on your work. In that case, you can try putting on a formal dress to work in your house’s designated office space.

8. Pomodoro Break 

The Pomodoro Technique was created in the late 1980s by Francesco Cirillo, a university student at the time who had difficulty focusing on his studies. Then he found a tomato ( Pomodoro in Italian) shaped kitchen timer and used it for taking short breaks. The Pomodoro technique allows you to assess the value of your time. 

This method aims to increase productivity by splitting the workday into intensively focused times separated by short breaks. This temporary break allows you to restore control of your life. Effective use of the Pomodoro method significantly improves concentration. The Pomodoro method enhances focus while decreasing distractions. 

9. No Multitasking

Some of us can work several jobs at a time; however, most of us generally can not perform. Multitasking might sometimes appear an excellent choice, but it reduces your productivity. The best technique to complete any work and get the best outcome is devoting the utmost concentration to work.

You should not visit an online marketplace to purchase household things or browse automobile reviews when sitting at your workplace. It would be best to do your deskwork while sitting at your desk.

10. Mental Satisfaction

“Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” is a Latin adage that signifies a healthy mind in a healthy body. This proverb implies that you must have excellent mental health for your body to function well. Mental satisfaction may be achieved by enough sleep, breaks, proper meals, social interaction, conversation with neighbors, and participation in sports events such as a marathon. You may spend quality time with your family while working from home but bear in mind that you should maintain a separate timetable for your recreational activities.

11. Socialize

Human is a social being. From ancient civilization, human beings have formed a society to live with one another. Find a suitable time to go out of your house and roam around; you can have a stroll beside errands etc. Interact with peers and meet with them in restaurants on several occasions; sometimes, you can invite your co-workers outside if they reside near your house. Socialization is essential for upbringing your children and creating a good self-image.  

12. Balance of Work and Personal Life 

One of the most important advantages of remote working is creating a flexible timetable to perform your household and work-life activities. It allows for the development of a work-life balance. Work-life balance is the terminology that implies how workers distribute their time for their job and personal life. Due to the occupation burnout, employees now take paid time off to spend time with their families and recharge. Poor work-life balance impacts negatively on employees’ productivity levels. A perfect plan can create a complete balance between your work and personal life. 

13. Keep Time for Impromptu Situation

Life has so many discovery tasks that could pop up at any time. It is not surprising that employees confront a lot of unforeseen functions that must be completed during work hours. Therefore, while planning the overall schedule, you must provide time for the discovery task. If you do not have any pop-up tasks to perform, you will earn more time using this technique. You may use that time for your purposes.


Distraction is the constant companion of any remote worker. While working remotely, every employee has many advantages like flexibility, no worries about dressing up or transporting to the office, and more time interacting with family and friends. 

However, these benefits may sometimes become a source of distraction. The employee or person working from home must identify the sources and causes of distractions. Then, the employee should take an appropriate approach to reduce distraction and have a healthy remote work experience.

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