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Top 10 Sage 50 Alternatives & Competitors: Best Similar Accounting Software

by Arthur Zuckerman

In this fast-paced digital age where most brick-and-mortar stores are expanding into ecommerce, it is a must to get an accounting platform to make sure no transactions go unrecorded. One such platform is Sage 50. This tool offers hybrid solutions that will allow you to keep tabs on your income and expenses as well as help you analyze the trajectory of your sales. However, keep in mind that this popular app is not the only one on our list of accounting systems.

In this article, we’ll list down the best Sage 50 alternatives to this platform and discuss some information about their ideal users, key features, integrations, and pricing. But, first, let’s give you a rundown on what Sage 50 is. Also, we’ll provide you the reasons why some people are looking to replace Sage 50.

An Overview of Sage 50

Sage 50, now known as Sage 50cloud in the US, is a suite of tools designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses. However, with its enterprise-grade feature set, even large companies can make use of Sage 50. With the platform, users can track payments from different sources including mobile devices. It also supports other business processes such as forecasting. 

This platform’s key features include automated billing, activity dashboard, financial analysis, multi-currency, project time tracking, trend analysis, sales order management, tax management, forecasting, bank reconciliation, and many others. 

The Sage 50 user interface is also very easy to use. It has drag-and-drop functionality and it also includes collaboration tools. The platform integrates seamlessly with other business systems including Skype and Microsoft Office among many others. Furthermore, paid pricing plans start at $44.97 per month. 

Sage 50Cloud alternatives

Sage 50 is a popular

Reasons to Look for Sage 50 Alternatives

Even though Sage 50 is a great platform. Many don’t choose it as their go-to accounting software. Companies of different types and sizes choose other platforms. These are for nuanced reasons. 

For example, some UK companies prefer to have a local software provider rather than an international one. This is because support is provided more easily. And, customer success representatives have more local market knowledge than those coming from overseas. The same goes for other businesses from other regions. 

Another reason is that Sage 50 is, first and foremost, designed for SMBs. Thus, many large enterprises skip it when choosing the best accounting software for them. This is a legitimate concern and many companies that chose other enterprise-grade Sage 50 alternatives have had success with their platform. 

That said, while Sage 50 is a good solution, it may fall short in meeting certain expectations for particular businesses. As a result, some customers simply opt to switch from it or ignore it completely in the initial stage of canvassing. 

Top Sage 50 Alternatives

In this list, we did not order the products in any particular order. All of these are cream-of-the-crop accounting software solutions. They only differ in their target users and target geography. Given that, here are our top 10 Sage 50 alternatives.

1. QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks is one of the most popular Sage 50 alternatives out there. It has comprehensive features packed in an easy-to-understand interface. However, there are certain versions of QuickBooks out on the market. QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Enterprise. All of them cater to different scales of operations. And, all of them offer a highly functional and collaborative accounting solution for businesses of different sizes. It is just like Sage 50 and its different product lines. 

Key QuickBooks features include payment tracking, document sharing, calendar view, compliance monitoring, mobile receipt capture, interactive feeds, multiple user support, and automated banking. There are many more features than we can discuss here in this short subsection. Plus, like Sage50, it has a hybrid deployment as well. This means that you can use an on-premise program with cloud-based tools

What’s great about QuickBooks products is that they can connect with other Intuit products such as industry-specific solutions. These include retail account software, professional service accounting software, construction accounting software, and many more. Pricing starts at $5 a month.

2. Xero

Xero is a financial collaboration platform offering powerful accounting tools in an intuitive interface. That said, it’s no wonder it is regarded as one of the top Sage 50 alternatives. However, unlike QuickBooks and Sage 50, it is only best for freelancers and small businesses. 

What made it a worthy competitor is that it is unique is that it’s feature-rich and robust. Even though it specializes in providing for SMBs and individual users, it has enterprise-grade quality. Among its features are financial reporting, inventory management, payroll management, contact management, bank reconciliation, and various dashboard reports. Plus, it has multi-currency and invoicing support. 

Furthermore, Xero has mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with other business solutions including Vend, PayPal, Zenpayroll, Carbon Analytics, and Harvest among others. Pricing plans start at $9 per month. 

3. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is another top contender to Sage 50 and, in fact, one of the top accounts receivable software. It is an invoicing and accounting software designed for the use of all types of customers from individual users to large enterprises. Thus, it is a direct rival of Sage 50. The only problem is, as it is completely web-based, it cannot support hybrid deployments like Sage 50. 

Luckily, FreshBooks’ cloud-based solution has very comprehensive tools. Its key capabilities include invoice customization, multi-currency support, multi-language support, offline payment tracking, quick discounts, online payment support, expense tracking, project management, time tracking, payments support, and tax management among many. 

Furthermore, FreshBooks has nicely-designed mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices. It also integrates well with other popular business systems including HubSpot, PayPal, Zapier, Basecamp, Shopify, and Gusto among others. Thus, you don’t have to drop one app to use FreshBooks. You can just add it to your technology stack. The pricing plan starts at $15 a month.

4. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is among the many well-designed solutions coming from the popular Zoho Suite. For its part, Zoho Books helps you automate bank feeds, send and track invoices, manage projects, online payments, and inventory management. It is also designed for every type and size of business from individual consultants to large enterprises, making it as flexible as possible. 

In addition to the abovementioned features, it also provides tools for sales order management, contact management, project time tracking, automatic bank feeds, and tax management among others. It also comes with easy-to-understand apps for Android and Apple users who often work on the go.

Furthermore, Zoho Books integrates seamlessly with other  Zoho products and third-party business solutions as well. The list includes PayPal, Stripe, Dropbox, Evernote,, Avalara, and Google Drive among many others. Lastly, pricing starts at a low $9 a month per organization. 

5. FreeAgent

Now, if you live in the UK and you have a small business, FreeAgent is one of the best Sage 50 alternatives. With this easy-to-use application, you can run your business from anywhere provided you have an internet connection. It also gives you a good overview of your business thanks to its clean dashboard design. 

Among its key capabilities are invoice and expenses management, tax automation, time tracking, banking feeds, real-time cash flow overview, multi-currency support, invoice templates, and accountant portal. What’s more, FreeAgent fits all of these robust features into an intuitive web-based interface that is reminiscent of your favorite social media platform. It is so easy to use. 

Also, FreeAgent has apps for both Apple and Android devices. This way, you can be on top of your finances while on the go. Moreover, FreeAgent integrates with tools including Realtrac, QCommission, Skype, and Microsoft Office. Lastly, pricing starts around $10.62 per month plus VAT for six months then $21.25 per month plus VAT. 

FreeAgent dashboard

FreeAgent is a cloud-based, mobile-ready platform that provides its users with invoicing options, expense management tools, bookkeeping functionalities, and more.

6. LessAccounting

LessAccounting is an accounting solution designed for small business owners. It features unlimited bank account connections. Plus, it is so easy to set up that you can connect your bank accounts in seconds. Also, its user interface is simple to use. All the data you need can be easily pulled up thanks to its intuitive dashboard. 

Some of its functionalities include invoice management, recurring bill option, online payment support, email payment, financial tracking, accounting workflows, proposal management, and banking integrations. In addition, it has other features that round out the offer. These include contact management, wage reports, accounts charts, balance sheet, and other accounting reports. 

Also, LessAccounting integrates seamlessly with different business services and software as well. Its list of integrations includes PayPal, ZenCash, BaseCamp, and Stripe among software providers. Last but not least, it connects with financial institutions including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase among many others. Paid pricing plans start at $35 a month.

7. Kashoo

Kashoo is another cloud-based accounting software for individual professionals and small businesses. It is simple to use and sports a good set of features for small business accounting.  

Among its functionalities are multi-currency support, project accounting, payroll management, bank reconciliation, expense tracking, and real-time bank feeds. You also get to have more understanding of your financial data. This is thanks to automatic reports and insights. Plus, all of these features are available via its web-based portal. So, you won’t need extra hardware investments. 

Moreover, it has a well-designed app for Apple devices. It also integrates well with other applications including PayPal, MailChimp, Salesforce, and even QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks. Lastly, pricing starts at $16.65 per when month billed annually. 

8. Yendo

Yendo offers a comprehensive solution suite for small business owners. It is known mostly for its Financials module because it offers a complete accounting functionality. However, it also comes with other features such as its web-based portal that lets you see key metrics and sales data in real-time. Furthermore, it allows you to check the status of your projects and monthly performance in line with your accounting efforts. 

Key features include branded sales invoices, chart of accounts, standard product price list, project account, bank reconciliation, sales commission reporting, accounting journals, manage customers and supplies, and multi-currency support. Moreover, it offers users over 50 detailed accounting reports built-in. 

Furthermore, Yendo works well with other applications like Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, and PayPal among others. Also, pricing starts at a low $29 per month for one company with five users supporting 20 open projects. Lastly, it supports unlimited numbers of quotes and invoicing. 

9. AccountsIQ

AccountsIQ is a specialized accounting platform perfect for medium-sized businesses. Firstly, it has a complete set of enterprise-grade features. Secondly, it supports multi-company and multi-location operations in real-time. Thus, you will have a clear view of your business regardless of whether you are managing warehouses for clients or a chain of restaurants.

Core features include modules for budgeting, timesheets, cash flow management, sales order management, project billing, tax returns, paperless office, invoice, capture, eBanking, audit trail, and ledgers. In addition, AccountsIQ is flexible and integrates well with a slew of third-party solutions. Meaning, you can easily configure it to meet the unique needs of your business.

AccountsIQ, as a company, also offers wonderful knowledgebase services for their clients. Thus, if you become one, you can easily do self-service learning and even sign up for webinars. As deployment will be customized, it also comes via personalized quotes.

10. Pandle

Pandle makes bookkeeping and other accounting processes simple and easy through its cleanly-designed web-based portal. What’s more, Pandle offers a comprehensive free version for penny-pinching users out there. This free version includes features such as bank imports, sales tax reports, invoicing, and quotations. To top it all off, it can support unlimited bank accounts, unlimited customers, and unlimited suppliers. 

This makes Pandle one of the few software providers out there that offer a comprehensive free plan. However, its professional plan has more features. Some of these include premium invoice templates, multiple company support, bulk editing, and a wide range of reporting options. 

Moreover, Pandle has an easy-to-use mobile app for both iPhone and Android users. The platform also integrates with software services such as Stripe among others. Lastly, Pandle Pro pricing is only $7 per month. 

Pandle dashboard

Pandle offers a comprehensive free plan that includes all the essential accounting tools, making it a great choice for small companies and freelance accountants.

What is the Best Sage 50 Alternative?

Again, Sage 50 is a great option for individual professionals and SMBs. However, it is not the best product for big and high-growth companies. Thus, if you represent a large enterprise, we recommend trying out other apps such as QuickBooks and Accounts IQ. 

Also, if you have smaller operations that warrant much financial investment into an accounting app, you can choose platforms like Pandle, FreshBooks, and Zoho Books.

To figure out which one of these apps you should implement, we recommend that you try them out. This way, you get a more accurate idea of which tool will fit your business best. You can do this by signing up for a free trial. This way, you and some of your team members can see these programs in action yourselves. 

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