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Crafting an Exceptional First Impression with Your SaaS Welcome Screen

by Arthur Zuckerman

A welcome screen is the first page a customer views once they land on your page. This page is important when marketing a product. Software as a Service programs do not require downloading and installation. Customers access and use the programs on the web or cloud. The welcome experience a customer gets determines their next step of action. Their first expectation is to know what the software is about. They need to know what to expect from it and who the developer is. Your welcome screen is the landing place for your audience. If they get the right attention while there, you can be sure to get a continuous flow. Creating an attractive first impression matters. How you do it determines the results you get.

Why a positive experience during SaaS customer onboarding is important

The foundation of lasting customer relationships is good first experiences. This is what makes them ready to build trust with the platform. The customer feels they are ready to use the software. When done well, a good welcome experience builds brand loyalty. Your SaaS business drives referrals and improves retention rate. An excellent first impression is important due to various reasons. 

  • Eliminating/minimizing churn. The initial challenges that a customer experiences on a welcome screen are important. When they feel disappointed, they stop the relationship. If more customers feel welcome, they continue with the relationship.
  • Increasing product use. Customers need to understand the software at the onboarding UX. This increases the chances of them using the product. 
  • Builds chances for referrals. A great onboarding experience may trigger advocacy and referrals. 
  • Good first impressions. Excellent first impressions build trust and confidence in using the software. 

You need to fulfill several computer requirements before using a SaaS program. They include operating system, hardware, and software requirements. If there are problems with the software, you could have a glitch screen experience. This is a situation where your screen begins to flicker. Screen flickering can be caused by wrong settings. Bad drivers and incompatible software may cause the problem too. The easiest fix is to make sure the software is up to date. Ensure the drivers are updated and check whether the settings are correct. Ensure the SaaS program you are using is the latest version. Sometimes restarting the system solves the issue.

What to do before new customer onboarding

Before customers begin to visit your page there are important steps you should take. The first step should be to gather data to help you make decisions. Analytics for decision-making helps you achieve several goals. Analyzed data helps you define the goals your software should meet. It allows you to list your objectives and expectations in the SaaS onboarding process. 

Once you understand your goals, form a team to help you meet them. Let each member understand their role in the process. Some of them may provide seamless customer support. Another team member may offer training to new customers. Another one could be responsible for keeping records. 

The next step could be collecting data about the customers. Know them and their immediate needs. Understand their browsing history and preferences. Every unique goal should be communicated to the team. Let them know what is expected from them. Explain to them the SaaS onboarding process. 

What to do during the new customer onboarding process

The most important step is to introduce yourself to the customer on the welcome screen. An introduction lets them know who you are. Help them understand why they are on your page. Explain about your software and the solutions it offers. The goal of all these is to let them feel accepted and confident. This is an important step in SaaS lead generation procedures. 

Say for example your software is intended to streamline online bookings in restaurants. The customer should feel that booking online is the right step to take. They need to feel safe and be promised that their data is protected. Once the customer gets ready for the next step, be keen to provide the following.

  • Guide into signup. Signing up allows you to get all important information about the customer. You get their email, names, telephone, and sometimes payment details. Make the signup process short and smooth. When the process looks tedious, the customer could opt out.
  • Send an email. Once you get the email address, send a welcome email immediately. The email should be automated to avoid taking too long. The customer should receive an email before they get a second option or alternative. 
  • Guide the customer to log in. The initial login is important in SaaS onboarding software. This gives them access to detailed information on the welcome screen. On this page, they should get a welcome message. Do the product introduction immediately. 

Let the customer know how it works and if possible, get a chance to try it out. The benefits and how to use the product should be done in a detailed tutorial. You may create videos, manuals, or an interactive product tour to achieve this. Give the customer the freedom to opt out if they choose to do so.

How to create an exceptional first impression on a SaaS welcome screen

You need to invest in a welcome screen that impresses everyone who visits the page. Impressions should not only come from the texts but also from the design. You may consider gleaning ideas from several screen examples. They could be competitor screens or related fields. It might help to check the specific SaaS welcome screen related to your field. 

For instance, your software could be for supporting education-based activities. You may check edtech-based SaaS platforms. You can also gather ideas by reading about the future of edtech. Consider the following points to help you create an impressive SaaS welcome screen. 

  • Create an impressive design. A design that looks good helps visitors spend more time on the platform. It increases confidence and the possibility of action. 
  • Create impressive marketing campaigns. After landing on an impressive page, customers need to be guided. An attractive marketing message should help them take the next action. 
  • Include a call to action. Strategically add a call to action to attract leads.
  • Create awareness about your software. Inform about the software to increase awareness. When done well, the customer may consider using the software. 
  • Personalize content. Segment customers to create personalized content. Know the unique persona of the customer. 
  • Present the product. Sell the product without pushing the customer too much. Take them through the product onboarding process. The first step in this is for the customer to sign up. 
  • Use visuals. Visuals increase understanding rate and engagement. Provide a step-by-step user guide using videos. 

The entire onboarding journey should be smooth. The customer should progress from one step to the next without challenges. Lifting the perceived quality by proving its value goes beyond the cost. Choose the right tone by ensuring the marketing message meets customer expectations. The approach should be user-centric all through. 

Ensure the customer clearly understands the next step they are about to take. If your onboarding process is poor, most of your customers will not buy from you. The product tour provided should include software tips and images. Have indicators to help measure successes. The first few minutes are your most precious time with the customer so work extensively on this part.

Once they become customers, do not stop the communication. Keep the communication flowing to engage them for a long time. It is necessary to have a scaling plan. Customers expect something new always. It pastes in them an image of progress and care. Scaling will increase satisfaction and loyalty. 


The first experience a customer gets on your SaaS welcome screen is important. It is what determines their next action. First impressions minimize churn and increase product use. Onboarding allows customers to learn about your products. It should be smooth to allow visitors to stay longer on the page. An impressive message includes an attractive design and relevant content. Present the product boldly and guide the customer into action.

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