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PCS Review

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  1. What is PCS
  2. Product Quality Score
  3. Main Features
  4. List of Benefits
  5. Technical Specifications
  6. Available Integrations
  7. Customer Support
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What is PCS?

PCS (Project Control System) is a comprehensive management platform catered to businesses in the construction field. It is equipped with a plethora of capabilities and features that can track, automate, and streamline processes and tasks, resulting in accelerated completion of construction projects. The system provides users with total control over every process such as budget, invoices, contract, and procurement management. It also automates them all so users will have more time to attend to more critical processes in their business. PCS plugs loopholes and gaps and organizes every aspect of the project, which helps users save a lot of time, money, and resources. It eliminates the need for consuming papers since the processes are brought in a digital, automated, and online platform. There is also storage provided for users to keep their plans and drawings in a secure location, making them accessible from anywhere at any time.

Product Quality Score

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PCS features

Main features of PCS are:

  • Dedicated email module
  • Subcontractors’ invoices
  • Payment & storage delivery reports
  • Subcontractor balance
  • Open/close status
  • Tracking of overdue time
  • Balance tracking
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Material requests & quotations
  • Purchase orders
  • Storage movement
  • Document control
  • Material flow
  • Custom photo albums
  • Additional templates
  • 24/7 access to project costs
  • Message statuses
  • Access rights to folders & files
  • One-click document sharing
  • Automated invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Budget linking
  • File sharing
  • Custom budget groups & budget codes
  • Progress tracking
  • Single storage
  • RFIs, NCRs, HSE violations tracking & generation

PCS Benefits


The main benefits of PCS are its wide range of capabilities related to construction management, tools to facilitate in procurement processes, invoice and contract management features, and budget control functionality. Here are more details:

Comprehensive construction management capabilities

PCS is specially designed for construction businesses that require organization in their projects. There are a good variety of features that cater to construction management needs, giving users full control of the processes. The platform is also capable of automating any tasks that are in need of acceleration. Other features of the system include overviews of the latest revisions and documents, dedicated email module, no-limit file sharing, document control, and message statuses.

Procurement management tools

PCS keeps the flow of materials in one centralized location, which enables users to manage storage movement, purchase orders, quotation, and material requests. This is a big aid in the procurement process since onsite personnel is able to easily give details about the number of materials needed, resulting in a more accurate process.

Invoice and contract administration

By having a single location where all invoices and contracts are kept, their management becomes easier and more effective as well. Not only that, tracking financial balances and received payments is easier to accomplish as well. It also provides an overview of all invoices, regardless whether they’re pending, received, or paid from subcontractors.

Budget control feature

One of the highlight features of the system is the budget control functionality that enables users to create custom budget codes and groups. It brings automation to processes involved in the purchasing of orders, invoices, and budget linking. Thanks to this, users are able to view the most recent project costs anytime they like. Furthermore, it is also capable of monitoring equipment and personnel since it can build a personnel directory with complete details such as tracked time and contact information.

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Support Types

  • Phone
  • Online

PCS Integrations

The following PCS integrations are currently offered by the vendor:

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Pricing Plans

PCS pricing is available in the following plans:

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