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KakaoPay Review

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our score 87%
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  1. What is KakaoPay
  2. Product Quality Score
  3. Main Features
  4. List of Benefits
  5. Technical Specifications
  6. Available Integrations
  7. Customer Support
  8. Pricing Plans
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What is KakaoPay ?

KakaoPay is a digital wallet developed by Kakao Corp. that can be used to send and receive money when used together with the other Kakao services including KakaoTalk. When using the system, companies will be able to pay even their invoices and utility bills online, which is done either directly through the app or from the messaging service of Kakao. This is a convenient feature for them because it helps to ensure smooth business operations by not having to worry about missing or delaying the payment of their invoices and bills on time. KakaoPay ensures safety for its users’ financial information by being in compliance with PCI-DSS. This digital wallet also adds another layer of security by letting users assign a password during the setup process and then prompting for it at every transaction. This reduces the risks of unauthorized access to their cards.

Product Quality Score

Ease of use
Customer support
Value for money

KakaoPay features

Main features of KakaoPay are:

  • Wire Transfers
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Password Authentication
  • Identity Verification
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Bills Management
  • Cash Payments
  • Mobile Payments

KakaoPay Benefits


The main benefits of KakaoPay are its bills management capability, password authentication feature, it sends and receives money via wireless transfers, and it keeps digital rewards for users. Here are more details:

Manage Bills

KakaoPay can be used by businesses and individuals to pay their bills directly from the app since it connects with several service companies in South Korea. This is a convenient method of settling bills especially for companies where finance departments are always busy and for freelance professionals that are always on the go. With this, they will be able to avoid penalties incurred from delayed or missed payments.

Password Protection

With password authentication and identity verification, Kakao provides security for the financial details of its users. Password authentication ensures that either the owner or an authorized person is using the card and identity verification makes sure that the owner is the one adding cards to the wallet. This combination of features protects businesses and professionals from fraudulent actions that could blow a hole on their finances.

Wireless method of money transfer

Payments can be directly received from the clients through KakaoPay. Companies and professionals can enjoy the application’s support of direct wireless transfers from KakaoTalk. The service is also free with no hidden charges making it a very viable and cost-effective solution that benefits both clients and businesses.

Scannable rewards

KakaoPay remedies the situations where discount coupons, gift certificates, and loyalty cards are rendered useless due to being forgotten at home or other places, or due to losing them. This is achieved by giving businesses the option to offer loyalty cards that are scannable with barcodes which can be stored in the digital wallets of customers. This way, they’ll be able to fully enjoy rewards and points without having to worry about losing them.

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Support Types

  • Phone
  • Online

KakaoPay Integrations

The following KakaoPay integrations are currently offered by the vendor:

  • KakaoTalk


Customer Support


Pricing Plans

KakaoPay pricing is available in the following plans:

Free trial