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How to hire the right people to build a successful SaaS company

by Arthur Zuckerman

In this article, we go over how to find the right people in the process of building a SaaS company. From ensuring your interview process is up to scratch to making sure you have the right job offer in the first place.

So whether you have a property company or an offset buy to let mortgage software business, you should pay close attention to how to scale your software company for the best results. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Gain an understanding of what your SaaS company needs

Every Software as a Service is different and not only that but each SaaS has different staff requirements. For instance, a software company with a key cohort of staff already available may need to focus on hiring junior members of staff to help with smaller tasks that more senior staff do not have time for to scale.

On the other hand, those who have a technical problem and need to establish a brilliant and working product to bring to the marketplace may need to start hiring coders and product engineers to push development forward. This is especially important when you need specialists.

Craft the right job offers

Job offers are important to attract the right talent to your software business. To begin, it is vital that you show the candidates what they want to entice them to join your company and you are willing to pay the right amount for the right talent too.

Some things that may allow your job offer to stand out include salary, company benefits, the mission of the company, and the ability of the employee to make a difference. These are all motivators for the best talent as it attract those who are competitive by nature. Make sure you fill in these details into the right boxes as IT talents use modern methods such as web scraping to filter out the best options.

Utilising modern recruitment strategies

In the modern day, there are a lot of strategies that you can use at your disposal that were not available in the last 10 or 20 years. It is important that you make the most of them to find the right talent.

To begin, social media usage has increased significantly in the past few years and the only way to make the most of this is to join in. If you use social media in the right way, you will be able to target very specific demographics of users and have the potential to find candidates directly, rather than creating generic job offers.

LinkedIn is a dedicated space for working professionals looking to advance their career. It is very likely that the right candidate will at least have an account on LinkedIn even if they aren’t active.

On top of this, consider specialised job boards that you may be able to find users for on social media. For instance, there are platforms that specialise in. Perhaps if your software is in the property space.

Check out these new recruiting trends relevant to the modern day that you may have missed out on. Some of these ideas use social media too.

The role of assessments and skill tests

Of course, while it is the honourable thing to take what people say at face value and believe them, there may be a chance that a candidate is lying or at least exaggerating about the level of expertise they have.

On top of this, even if they are telling the truth, the candidate may not be able to perform under pressure or have other deficiencies that prevent them from showcasing their skillset to the best of their ability. This is where assessments and skill tests are very useful.

This is great because you can craft the assessment so that it is specific to your company and you are directly testing the ability of the employee based on the requirements of the company you are hiring for. You may be able to include real-world scenarios that the candidate may be dealing with when they get hired and you may be able to find additional attributes or potential flaws with the candidate’s ability to solve problems.

Navigating the interview process

So, you have found a candidate from a job board or social media and you are trying to interview them. But what are the right steps to ensure that a candidate is the right fit? And, are there any tips and tricks to make your decision for a candidate for your SaaS company more confident?

First of all, consider the interview structure. In all stages of an interview, it is important there is a mix of behavioural and technical questions that advances in complexity as the stages of the interview go on.

You don’t want to find a candidate that excels technically and goes to one of the last stages of an interview only to realise that behaviorally, their culture isn’t the right fit for the company. In this case, having a candidate who fits the company culture from the beginning would be a wiser idea.

In addition, you may want to involve multiple team members in the process but be careful to not make the interview too intimidating or hard to get the most out of the candidate by involving too many people or in the incorrect way. For instance, you may want a few people to interview the candidate on separate occasions individually rather than all at once.

Showcasing company culture

Company culture is what separates one company from another. A company with a company culture that makes them productive and perform well will always outperform a company with an unproductive company culture.

This becomes even more important when there is not much difference between the software of two companies. Naturally, customers will feel drawn towards the company that provides more value and goes above and beyond in all realms.

This may mean having excellent customer service or it may mean being able to find more users for their software and simply having more traffic.

Compensation and benefits

Compensation and benefits are important when hiring for any job, not just in the SaaS industry. While you don’t want the salary and benefits of a job to be the only factor that an employee goes for when deciding on a job, it is very rare to find people who want to work for free.

Therefore, on top of the monetary benefit of a job, consider the other way in which you can garner hard work, loyalty and innovation from your team. This may include healthcare, retirement plans, and flexible work arrangements.

You may also want to negotiate with additional benefits for the best employees. Studies show that when sales employees are able to get the benefits they request from a job, they set more appointments using their software.

On top of this, there is an additional benefit to employer satisfaction when you begin to look at the data around hybrid working and putting an employer’s needs first in the workplace.


To conclude, being able to find the right talent for your Saas is never something to look over, take for granted or rush. With the right hires, you could greatly advance the development of a company and with the wrong hires you could hinder a company’s progress.

Follow all of the above steps in detail and most importantly, be confident that you are making the right decision for your company.

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