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Graphite Note Review

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  1. What is Graphite Note
  2. Product Quality Score
  3. Main Features
  4. List of Benefits
  5. Awards Section
  6. Technical Specifications
  7. Available Integrations
  8. Customer Support
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What is Graphite Note ?

Graphite Note is a user-friendly predictive analytics and data storytelling software with tools for the quick, optimized, and visualized use of collected business data. It's packed with tools that can effectively predict the success of your project or business without the need for dedicated data scientists. It’s ideal for non-technical users because no coding is necessary to use any of its features. It has specialized collaboration tools that allow team members to easily compare reports and evaluate insights. It can create complete business reports and KPI insights in under a minute. It is ideal for big enterprises, e-commerce platforms, and insurance companies. Graphite Note toolset for predictive analytics offers tools for time-series forecasting, customer lifetime value, and churn analysis. Its features for predictive analysis easily allow users to know what to expect for a day, a week, a month, and even years in their business just a click. It has a nifty Notebook feature where users simply need to input data and in just a click, all analysis, reports, and visualizations can be ready. Such a Notebook feature also makes it easy to share all collected, organized, and visualized data. Graphite Note features can be tailored to easily fit any kind of business structure and environment. Users can choose to automate all or particular operational workflows.

Product Quality Score

Ease of use
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Graphite Note features

Main features of Graphite Note are:

  • Easy Data Upload
  • AI Templates
  • Timeseries Forecasts
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Churn Analysis
  • Behavior Patterns
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Data Story
  • Notebooks
  • Datasets
  • Model Results
  • Sharing
  • Support

Graphite Note Benefits


The main benefits of Graphite Note are easy project success prediction, speedy analysis, hassle-free data visualization, effective marketing, and improved lead conversion.

Easy Project Success Prediction

Graphite Note allows users to quickly predict the success of tasks, teams, projects, and their overall business performance. Businesses in the e-commerce industry will highly benefit from Graphite Note features as its time-series forecasting feature can deliver accurate data on expected sales, profits, and losses for a week, a month, and even a year. Users will always have precise insightful data to support real-time business decisions.

Speedy Analysis

Graphite Note can release results and data visualizations in just a click. It can be automated to proceed with multiple and complex predictive analytics processes upon upload of .CSV files. Users can come up with extensive business reports in just under a minute.

Hassle-free Data Visualization

Users do not need to input a single code to make Graphite Note work. Non-technical users with little to no background in data science can use all Graphite Note features with ease. Its Notebook feature can even automatically analyze all collected data that can easily be ready for a report or presentation.

Effective Marketing

Graphite Note offers tools for customer segmentation and behavior analysis. Users can easily target consumers with dedicated content and personalized triggers. Its in-depth tools for analytics can deeply study customer habits and come up with insights for improved customer engagement.

Improved Lead Conversion

Graphite Note tools for comprehensive analysis allow users to pinpoint weak lead conversion spots and possible losses. It can even predict customer loss via churn analysis. Upon clear understanding and visualization of such data and insights, users can duly adjust conversion techniques and timings. Time and effort can easily be adjusted to focus on areas and periods that need improvement. SaaS platforms that rely heavily on customer subscriptions will easily be able to predict, anticipate, and remedy expected customer loss.

Awards Section

Great User Experience Award
Rising Star 2020 Award
In our Graphite Note reviews the software has been distinguished with our:
- Great User Experience Award
- Rising Star Award

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Support Types

  • Phone
  • Online

Graphite Note Integrations

The following Graphite Note integrations are currently offered by the vendor:

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Pricing Plans

Graphite Note pricing is available in the following plans:

Free trial
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