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ZenGRC Review

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  1. What is ZenGRC
  2. Product Quality Score
  3. Main Features
  4. List of Benefits
  5. Technical Specifications
  6. Available Integrations
  7. Customer Support
  8. Pricing Plans
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What is ZenGRC ?

ZenGRC is a compliance management software that requires minimal maintenance and rapid implementation. It offers on-premise and SaaS deployment functionality. Regardless of which option the end user chooses, the platform can help users with their risk, governance, and compliance management operations. The software can assist a business to generate a scalable compliance program as well as monitor assessment operations from a unified interface. Also, it allows compliance and audit managers to minimize brand risks and compliance failures. ZenGRC is widely utilized by industries in the technology, healthcare, utilities, finance, retail, and consumer goods sector. The platform was designed for users to use it on their daily compliance-based tasks. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which can help increase productivity and efficiency for personnel. ZenGRC provides functionalities such as single sign-in, compliance automation, control mapping, and pre-installed content. Its workflow module lets users automate compliance-based operations such as compliance scheduling, approvals, status tracking of control implementations, and reviews. The platform provides an audit module that aids managers in reporting compliance status and collation of evidence for commenting on controls. ZenGRC is an agile program that offers enough flexibility for industry leaders to take in a more proactive role in tackling high volume and high velocity changes in the industry.

Product Quality Score

Ease of use
Customer support
Value for money

ZenGRC features

Main features of ZenGRC are:

  • Outstanding Tasks Tracing
  • Compliance Activities Documentation
  • Multiple Frameworks Support
  • Compliance Gaps Discovery
  • Vendor Assessment Surveys
  • System Monitoring Proof
  • Central Dashboard
  • Vendor Response Tracking
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Audit Collection & Management
  • Real-Time Risk Detection
  • Controls Mapping
  • Vendor Risk Assessments

ZenGRC Benefits


The main benefits of ZenGRC are its ability to help business owners operate control tracking, enforcement, and testing efficiently. Specifically, here are the advantages users can expect from the system:

Simple Installation

ZenGRC is simple to install and implement. It offers users important information about regulation compliance and security risks.

System Flexibility

Whether it’s an on-premise solution or cloud-based software, ZenGRC is the perfect platform for users. The software is cost-effective since it doesn’t force users to pay for expensive third-party equipment to run it.

Unified Dashboard

ZenGRC ensures users make smart decisions by giving them a clear view of KPIs to ensure their organization is steered in the right profitable direction while adhering to standard regulations.

Centralized Repository

The software gathers collected data where it’s automatically transferred to a centralized repository for easy access to authorized personnel. Data that is within reach lets users perform reports, assessments, and audits on relevant data.

Pre-Built Templates

ZenGRC offers users pre-installed templates for different kinds of frameworks. Hence, they can quickly finish their tasks and documentation to meet the required compliance.

Efficient Auditing

The platform offers access to framework-based content that can be used as a checklist, allowing users to finish their auditing quickly.

Collaborative Platform

Aside from personnel, ZenGRC also wants to involve stakeholders when it comes to compliance. The software allows users to include collaborators within the system so they can also monitor the progress of the company on their own.

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Support Types

  • Phone
  • Online

ZenGRC Integrations

The following ZenGRC integrations are currently offered by the vendor:

  • JIRA
  • Microsoft Active Directory


Customer Support


Pricing Plans

ZenGRC pricing is available in the following plans:

Free trial
Start Up