Tableau Review: Pros & Cons of a Popular Business Intelligence Solution

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December 21, 2016

What is Tableau?

Tableau offers a lot to businesses as the application displays data in organized views, and also helps users to understand it. It uses an out-of-the-box approach towards data analytics and relies on accurate visualizations and quick connections. Plus, the system offers handy file sharing tools and a load of collaborative features. It is easy to navigate the system and you get a great user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Tableau stands out because it is designed with self-service analytics at its core, and yet it can be used even by lay users without programming skills. Even novices can build and publish dashboards, generate reports, share files easily, and get answers to their questions quickly. The system uses a patented Stanford University analytics technology that has been simplified using a drag-and-drop mechanism which allows you to filter and arrange data in a business-specific method. We are impressed that this solution offers access to metadata management, interactions in guided stories, commenting options, and data notifications.

Tableau assures data security as it uses double authentication and encryption measures. Plus, you can import data from third-party business apps using the platform’s robust REST API. To top it all, the pricing packages are affordable and we will reveal the plans later in this review.

Want to know more about this software? Our Tableau reviews discuss the software’s pricing, benefits and technical specifications in detail below.

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Main Features

  • Automated updates
  • Commenting
  • Data notifications
  • Drag-and-drop and Toggle views
  • Embedded dashboards
  • Filtered data
  • Highlights
  • Importing all types and ranges of data
  • Lists of native data connectors
  • Metadata management
  • Mobile-ready dashboards
  • No-code data queries
  • Security permissions
  • Sharing files and dashboards
  • Stringing insights into guided stories
  • Tableau Public for data sharing
  • Technology patented from Stanford University
  • Translating queries to visualizations

List of Benefits


Tableau offers a host of benefits to companies that use it for their business analytics needs. To start, the app allows you to connect in seconds using any device, and to visualize and understand business data quickly and easily. The vendor boasts that this system is much faster than most other BI products.

The one thing that we cite about this software in our Tableau reviews is that, despite being a robust app, Tableau is very easy to use and you don’t need coding skills. You can simply use the drag-and-drop interface to analyze data easily even if you don’t have technical knowledge. Even lay users can create attractive dashboards, push them on a web browser or mobile device, and publish them in seconds.

You can use Tableau to analyze data of any type without restrictions. This BI system covers all types of data from simple spreadsheet info to complex databases. Users can decide how to merge queues to get more relevant insights. The application includes all conventional data analyzing methods and also offers its own unique figure interpretation mechanisms. The highlights of this platform are the automatic updates, notifications, and live connections that you can use to capture possibilities and trends, and schedule your operations smartly. Feel free to also check this Tableau review for more details on advanced features of this solution.

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android

Geographies Served

  • USA
  • International
  • India
  • Japan

Pricing Model

  • Monthly Payment
  • One-time License
  • Quote-based

Customer Types

  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprises


  • Cloud Hosted
  • On Premise



Available Support

  • Email
  • Phone Support
  • Live Support
  • Tickets
  • Training

Software Pricing

Tableau offers three pricing packages:

Tableau Desktop Personal Edition – $999 per user

  • This package offers 6+ data connections
  • You can create package files for Tableau Reader.

Tableau Desktop Professional Edition – $1999 per user

  • This package offers 40+ data connections.
  • You can create package files for Tableau Reader
  • You can publish to Tableau Server or Tableau Online for web and mobile access.
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