Cayzu Help Desk Reviews: Pros, Cons & Pricing Of A Top Help Desk Software

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September 20, 2016

What is Cayzu?

Cayzu is one of market’s leaders when it comes to help desk and customer support functionalities, managing as many support requests as the company has to handle from a single cloud-based platform. Satisfied users describe it as the ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for all sorts of requests, because this system is enabled to help you with phone, email, or social profile requests (Facebook and Twitter), and to convert emails to tickets in order to accelerate the service process.

Between other things, Cayzu is highly intuitive and user-friendly, and adds a whole new interactive dimension to managing your ticket workflow. The way it was designed, it will allow your team to collaborate on each customer ticket, and report in real time on individual and group progress, and detect opportunities. It is an excellent solution for keeping everyone in the company on the same page, being the key to a fast and reliable ticket handling process.

Want to know more about this software? Our Cayzu Help Desk reviews discuss the software’s pricing, benefits and technical specifications in detail below.

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Main Features

Basic Features

  • Intuitive and Beautiful Interface
  • Cloud-Based Portal
  • Full Blown REST API
  • Brandable Self-Service Database
  • Seamless Integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and many more)
  • Quick, Code-Free Setup

Help Desk Features

  • Multi-Channel Support (Phone, Email, Social Media Tickets)
  • Custom Fields
  • Unique Email-to-Ticket Conversions
  • Embedded Support Form for Your Website
  • Multi-Product & Multi-Brand Support
  • Real Time Reporting & Analytics
  • Canned Answers
  • Smart Automation Rules
  • SLAs & Business Rules
  • Surveys for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

List of Benefits


Cayzu covers literally every of your ticket-related needs, as it doesn’t only help you manage them, but it also stores them in the same self-service knowledge base where all of your contacts, FAQs, and important conversations are being stored. The base is robust and covers all of your products and brands, but it is still fully equipped with searching filters for you will access the desired file in a matter of seconds.

The customization allowed in Cayzu is a rare diamond for help desk systems, as you can adjust this portal to each of your business rules and operation requirements. Making your brand visible in a system like this is imperative, as you are also supposed to use it for social media interactions. For the purpose, this system offers an impeccable Facebook and Twitter integration.

Among the many advantages we cite in our Cayzu Help Desk reviews is that it handles even most complex customer operations in an easy and streamlined process. Small and mid-sized businesses love its enterprise-grade navigation, and the multiple reporting, analytics, collaboration, and customer service features. More often than rare, it is exactly Cayzu that popularizes an average brand, and turns it into a well-known haven where customers like to be served.

At the end of the journey, Cayzu will help you save time and cut expenses, firstly with its self-service capabilities, and then with prioritized and well-organized technical assistance where the right ticket is routed to the right agent without unnecessary delays. The multiple SLA policies the system operates with make it possible to change tickets and trigger time-related conditions easier than ever before, while the inbuilt Spam Assassin automatically direct invalid tickets to the Spam Folder.  Long story short, Cayzu allows you to see the full picture of your progress, and improve the areas you’re not handling that well. You can also read this Cayzu reviews to learn more about what the software has to offer.

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad

Geographies Served

  • USA
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • South Africa

Pricing Model

  • Freemium
  • Monthly Payment
  • Annual Subscription

Customer Types

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses


  • SaaS
  • Cloud Hosted

Available Integrations

Cayzu is an extremely well-integrated system you can easily connect to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • Google Analytics
  • Dropbox
  • Salesforce
  • JIRA
  • Zapier
  • Tawk
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Highrise CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • Sugar CRM
  • Suite CRM
  • Harvest
  • FreshBooks
  • LiveChat
  • Olark Live Chat
  • Capsule
  • LogMeIn Rescue


Available Support

Available support

  • Live Support
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Tickets
  • Training

Software Pricing

Except of the 14-days Free Trial, where you can examine all relevant features to decide whether Cayzu is the right system for you, you get to choose from 4 payment plans suited for a different number of agents:

  • Solo Plan – 3 agents; free forever
  • Pro Plan – $14/agent/month ($12 when billed annually)
  • Plus Plan – $19/agent/month ($17 when billed annually)
  • Freedom Plan – $339/month for an unlimited number of agents ($299 when billed annually)

All of the plans offer the same features and functionality:

  • No contracts
  • No installations
  • Free App Integrations
  • Unlimited Access
  • Automated Data Backup
  • Mobile Apps
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Regular and Unpaid Updates
  • Security & Protection for Your Data


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