groundHog Reviews: Pros, Cons & Pricing of the Popular Mobile Fleet Management System

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November 23, 2017

What is groundHog?

groundHog is a mobile fleet management solution designed for underground mines. This platform is built to work out of the box for underground mine processes. With this software, you can schedule and track your workforce, control production, and get actionable insights to improve process efficiency. In short, the product helps you to build safe, efficient, and profitable mines.

Mine operators can utilize groundHog’s mobile technology to view their tasks and report work progress during their shifts. Operators can easily view the effect they create in real time. Mine supervisors can manage fleet remotely, eliminate mine downtime, and improve safety inspections. In addition, supervisors can utilize the advanced reporting tools to enhance process efficiency in the mine. Read on below our groundHog reviews to know more about the software’s benefits, pricing and technical specs.

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Main Features

  • Dispatch Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Tool Tracking
  • Vehicle Information
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Work Order Management

List of Benefits

In our groundHog reviews the software has been distinguished with our Great User Experience Award and Rising Star of 2017 Award:

What are the main tools and benefits offered by groundHog?

To start, supervisors and managers can easily create schedules for all mine operators using the command center or the application’s command mobile companion. After creating the schedules, they can transmit them to operators’ devices. The solution utilizes robust short interval control systems that enable you to transmit schedules as per mine operator shifts.

Operators can view their shift schedule on their device, start working, and update their progress on the platform. Supervisors and managers can get actionable data and insights from the robust dashboards and can easily track work progress from the command center. They can also utilize the software’s command mobile companion to get real-time updates on specific tasks.

groundHog utilizes an advanced scheduling system that imports tunable parameters and long range schedule from  your production plan. On top of that, a capability index spots skill and effectiveness, matches operator to the most effective tools, and creates shift task lists that supervisors can view and send. In addition, management, operations managers, and supervisors can utilize the reports and KPIs to gain insights and improve optimization.

groundHog uses real-time location tracking technology to track the correct location of equipment. This helps to optimize current shifts and schedule future ones. The real-time location tracking system integrates with the production scheduling and control platform to improve work efficiency.

Finally, groundHog’s advanced intelligence and analytics tools integrate outputs generated from infrastructure and equipment to deliver actionable insights. The smart analytics tools simplify complicated data and present easy-to-understand data for miners. The analytics tools use machine learning technology to learn about your mine and help to dispatch renewed schedules in case there are disturbances in operations to ensure maximum production.

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Mobile

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Quote based

Customer Types

  • Small companies
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Large enterprises


  • Cloud hosted
  • On premise

Available Integrations

  • Deswik.OPS
  • Deswik.IS
  • Deswik.Sched
  • Open APIs for integration with other software

Available Support

  • Email
  • Live support
  • Phone

Software Pricing

GroundHog pricing information is available by quote only. Contact the vendor to get a personalized pricing quote for your specific needs.

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