Celoxis Reviews: Pros, Cons & Pricing of the Popular Project Management Software

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November 23, 2017

What is Celoxis?

Celoxis is an affordable and easy-to-use project management platform. You can use this integrated solution to manage your resources, timesheets, expenses, workflows, and project portfolios, and to enhance team and client collaboration.  

With Celoxis, you can create detailed project plans that include features such as unlimited task hierarchy, dependencies with lead/lag, constraints, resource work calendars, time zone scheduling, and vacation/holiday. The app allows you to optimally use your resources and track change requests, approvals, issues, bugs, and more.

The software’s latest version is much improved and offers a range of advanced features such as custom fields for your task summaries, drafting cash flow reports, measuring estimated and actual profit margins, card views, delivery of scheduled reports, and new data visualization options such as comparison charts, 100% stacked bars, and trend lines. The new version also provides faster Gantt charts and arranges working items inside a slide-in panel. Read on below our Celoxis reviews to know more about the software’s benefits, pricing and technical specs.

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Main Features

  • Card layout views
  • Clickable and customizable charts
  • Client collaboration (free)
  • Comparing planned v/s actuals on several dimensions
  • Create and update tasks via email
  • Cross-project dependencies
  • Custom fields – include them in charts, filters, and output columns
  • Departments and role-based security
  • Fully searchable
  • Microsoft Project synchronization
  • Multi-location and multi time-zone scheduling
  • Multiple dashboards
  • New cash flow & margin reports
  • New data visualization options (100% stacked bars, trend lines, comparison charts, faster Gantt charts)
  • Powerful reporting engine
  • Project portfolio management
  • Project templates
  • Resource management with off-time scheduling
  • Scheduled report delivery
  • Simple but powerful API
  • Slide-in panel for projects, tasks and other work items
  • Support for different task types: fixed work, fixed units, and fixed duration
  • Time and expense system with online approvals
  • Unique workflow system to manage your business processes like issues, bugs, and approvals
  • Unlimited task hierarchy, constraints, and dependencies

List of Benefits

In our Celoxis reviews the software has been distinguished with our Great User Experience Award and Rising Star of 2017 Award:

Celoxis is a feature-packed project management app designed for critical business processes and serious project management. Its standout aspects are affordability, ease of use, and enterprise-class features.

With Celoxis, you can manage complex project portfolios. The platform allows you to manage portfolio risks, juggle resource workloads, and prepare task schedules with inter-project dependencies. Resource managers can cater to demand with capacity planning and track usage across projects. On top of that, you can forecast billing and decide task and project budgets. Project team members can report time spent on their tasks and log the incurred expenses.

A major highlight of this software is its easy customizability. You can apply different resource rates to particular projects and customize resource work calendars. In addition, users can fill time on work not assigned to them. Report viewers can customize their reports with groups, columns, and dynamic filters. Celoxis gives you the flexibility to create your own tools and also the ability to customize predefined workflows, for instance, for risk management or bug tracking.

Besides project managers, Celoxis is also a great app for team members. Your company’s stakeholders are sure to encourage its adoption because of its numerous helpful features. Managers can use the sophisticated resource management features to track workloads and manage over-allocations, and the fast Gantt chart to create flexible project schedules.

The best part is your company does not need to invest in multiple software tools for project management. Your team members can use this single app to fill time, manage tickets, report bugs, and view their tasks. They can send updates without logging in and also get relevant alerts in their inbox. In addition, managers can get real-time and accurate info on their portfolios through insightful charts and reports. They can also get data on minute details which enables them to make smarter decisions.

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Andorid
  • iOS

Language Support

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • International

Pricing Model

  • Monthly payment
  • One-time payment

Customer Types

  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Large enterprises


  • Cloud hosted
  • On premise

Available Integrations

  • Excel/CSV
  • Google Drive
  • iCal
  • LDAP
  • Microsoft Project
  • Outlook or any email client
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Salesforce.com
  • Web-based API to connect legacy and business applications


Available Support

  • Email
  • Live support
  • Tickets
  • Phone
  • Training

Software Pricing

Celoxis provides both SaaS and on-premise deployment options:

SaaS Version – $25/user/month plus volume and duration discounts

Features include: 99.99% uptime, 2GB/user/month of shared disk space, additional space at $10 for 10GB/month, one hour complimentary Celoxis Administrator course, and free client login and “email-only” users.

On-Premise Version – $450 per user, one time plus volume discounts

Features include: free support for 1st year, one hour complimentary Celoxis Administrator course, major and minor upgrades, low TCO with multi-OS, database support, and free client login & “email-only” users.

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